Sunday, May 31, 2009

My little bear

I'm not exactly sure what they were studying at daycare last week, but it involved teddy bears. I know I'm a little biased, but isn't this the cutest little bear you've ever seen??? :-)

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Mama's favorite picture!

This is one of those pictures I just couldn't believe we got a shot of. Sean just sat down and started talking to Nathan. All of the sudden, he went in for a kiss... and thankfully Daddy was ready with the camera. Melts my heart!!!

Watching my big brother

Here is Nathan trying to figure Sean out! :-)

Chillin' with my brother

Still trying to figure him out!

A quick hug!

And a quick kiss!

Checking out his eyes, cheeks, ears, etc...

Nathan's first time at church

Hard to believe he's already three weeks old! Here he is before his first trip to church. He was so good - slept through the whole thing! :-)

The faux hawk

This is Jamie's latest attempt at making Sean even cuter than he already is! Excuse the "stop taking my picture Mama!!" look on Sean's face! :-)

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

The joys of potty training

So those of you with boys know that potty training is an art. The pee-pee tends to have a mind of its own. We keep extra clothes at daycare for "accidents", and usually when we pick Sean up, he's in the same clothes we sent him in.

However, some days Sean is in a different outfit (usually pants) due to an accident in the bathroom. Well, Monday when I picked up Sean, he was in outfit #3 (yep, two accidents). Since we only have one extra outfit at daycare, they came up with something else for him to wear. And let me tell you... he was PRETTY - ruffles and all! ;-)

Monday, May 18, 2009

Happy Birthday Grandpa!!!

Yesterday was Grandpa's birthday (again, age being withheld!). Unfortunately, he wasn't feeling very well, so we had to postpone dinner until a later date. But, we did head over to his house for presents and cake. Here are a couple of pictures from last night.

Sean going for a ride in the plant pot for Grandpa

Gamblin' man

Yesterday we went over to Rick and Elaine's for dinner. They have a slot machine from the lakehouse that Uncle Rick showed Sean how to "play". Needless to say, he had A LOT of fun with the machine (and LOVED it when he "won"!) Look out Vegas!!

A couple of random pictures

Things are going really well at the Lance household. Hard to believe Nathan is already over two weeks old! He's really changed - I forget how quickly they change! He's a darn good baby... very mellow, just like his brother! See, fast food while pregnant may be the key! ;-) He's a much better sleeper than Sean was (he'll actually go longer than 45 minutes!) and is a PIG when it comes to eating. Jamie swears he has a hollow leg!

Sean had about one week where the jealousy really set in, but we're getting better and past that (thankfully). That was a rough one on Mommy - but he's an EXCELLENT big brother and quite the helper! It really melts my heart when he says, "I love you Nate!"

Here are a few random pictures from the last week. Enjoy!

Just chillin'

Hanging out with Grandma (she's so cozy!)

Sean being ALL boy (after digging in the mud for worms with cousin Kyle)

Never wake a sleeping baby

What a cutie, huh???

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Here are some random shots from the last couple of days. I cannot even begin to tell you how much it melts my heart to watch Sean with Nathan. I just can't even believe how much of a little helper and protector he is! Don't get me wrong, I think he misses some of the attention, but I love, LOVE how much he loves "mine" (what he calls Nathan)!

Day 4

Things are going well four days later... I'm recovering nicely. Not as quickly as I would like to, but hey, that's just me being impatient! Hopefully by the end of this weekend, I'll feel more like myself again. After the last month of pregnancy keeping me pretty much recliner bound, I'm anxious to enjoy this nice weather with my boys!!!

Thank you Divelys!

The Dively's sent Sean this wonderful balloon bouquet! Of course he was thrilled since it was Mickey! It was SO nice of them to think of him!!!

We're home!!!

Thankfully, we only had to stay two nights at the hospital. My body was ready to come home and sleep in my own bed!

Here are some pictures from Sunday when we first got home. Sean, still loving Nathan, couldn't just sit there without holding him! :-)

Although he had a bath at the hospital, we were anxious to give him a real bath (or as real as a sponge bath can be!)

Getting ready to go home

All bundled up and in the car. We're ready to go home!!!

Day two

We think Nathan has already changed in just one day! What do you think???

Mommy's boys

Meeting my big brother

So let the water works begin... when Sean finally got to meet his big brother, the love was undeniable! A HUGE thank you to my sister, Elaine (and family) for keeping Sean while we were at the hospital. It was so nice to know he was in good hands. But man, did we miss him!!