Monday, February 21, 2011

Cute as a... booger?

I think the pictures speak for themselves. Enjoy! ;-)

Sleepy Sean

Saturday, Sean would not take a nap for anything. I think he is slowly starting to phase that out, but I knew it he was getting kind of sleepy as the day progressed. He asked if he could watch the Baby Einstein DVD, which for those of you who don't know, is classical music set to toys. It's hard to explain and kind of weird, but relaxing to the kiddos! Next thing we know, we look over and see our sweet Sean zonked out! I just love this picture...

Happy Valentine's Day!

What a WONDERFUL Valentine's Day it was! I was fortunate to spend it with my three favorite boys. It was truly one of the best days of my life! The boys were in FANTASTIC moods after school, so we came home, got in our pajamas, made the heart shaped pizza we got from Papa Murphy's and just spent time together as a family. We played games, jumped on the bed (yes, I let my kids do that) :-), went through all their Valentines from school, watched a little tv, and snuggled... A LOT! I'm telling you, it was a perfect day!

Here are the Valentine's that the boys gave their friends at school

Sean's Valentine

Nathan's Valentine

But here's the best Valentine... MINE! Jamie and I don't usually exchange Valentine's gifts since our anniversary and Christmas are just two months before, but we decided to meet for lunch Monday as a nice treat. When I arrived and sat down at the table, there was a heart shaped box of chocolates sitting there waiting for me with a card on top. I was pleasantly surprised that Jamie did such a thoughtful, unexpected thing! Little did I know that when I moved the card, the candy box was from Rogers and Hollands! See for yourself.

BUT WAIT! It gets better! When I opened the box, imagine my surprise when I saw a beautiful pair of diamond earrings!!! My amazing husband had been planning and saving for months - I was floored! They are gorgeous!!! I am so lucky!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Thank you Aunt Wendy, Uncle Wade and Grandma Becky

Friday, Sean and Nathan received lots of goodies in the mail! Grandma Becky sent Valentine's cards with money (of which Sean quickly pointed out should be used at the "Monkey Game" - aka, Buffalo Wild Wings) and Aunt Wendy and Uncle Wade sent both boys Thomas the Train Bath sets! Here is the look on Sean's face when he opened it:

Needless to say, he LOVED it! When Nathan heard the word "bath", he didn't even stick around to find out what it was. He was already in the bathroom trying to get in the bathtub! It was too cute!

CIB Holiday Party

So every year before we venture out to my company's holiday party, I have to have the "talk" with Jamie. It usually goes something like this:

"Please don't embarrass me. Please don't say anything that might get me fired. Please keep all of your clothes on. Please remember how old you are and that break dancing / disco / crumping always make your back hurt in the morning."

Well, per usual, I found myself hiding in the corner shaking my head at disbelief a majority of the night. Mr. Lance was the only guy on the dance floor, surrounded by 6 - 8 women the entire night. Fortunately, all clothes remained on, I'm still employed, and he has gotten over his backache from attempting to "crump". :-)

On a positive note, he did win a $10 gift card to Panera for winning the hula hoop contest (see picture below)... around his neck.

Happy Birthday Kel!

I have posted before about our best friends - The Divelys and The Welchs. We celebrate each others birthdays and any other random occasion we can get together for! A couple of weeks ago, we headed to Kamakura for a delish Japanese Hibachi grilled meal. It was an amazing time! Although the men didn't make the picture, here are Kelly, me and Meagan. Aren't they just gorgeous?!?

Girl's Night

I am blessed to have such am amazing group of girl friends! Every month, we make it a priority to get together, chat, laugh, usually eat WAY too much, and get caught up in each others lives. It's pretty hit or miss to get most (or all) of us together (coordinating that many Mommies schedules it pretty tough), so I don't usually post many pictures. However, January's Girls Night brought a majority of us out, so I wanted to post some pictures of my good friends!

Me and Kel

Beth and her Sister Gwen

Meagan and Camilla

Stacy, Ashley and Nichole

Stephanie and Holly