Monday, May 24, 2010

Ready...set... GO!

Last Friday, I got a text from Nathan's teacher that I couldn't leave daycare until I saw her (she had something for me). Well imagine my surprise when what she had to give me was a video of my baby W-A-L-K-I-N-G!!!!

That's right, my baby is a walker! Well, since Friday, he's getting more and more daring, and let me tell you - he thinks he's hot stuff! I just can't believe my baby is walking! Wasn't he JUST born???

See for yourself! Oh, and please excuse the high pitched "mommy" voice. I don't know why I sound like such a crazed monkey!

Big boy underwear

We've been trying to potty train (Sean, not Jamie) :) for about a year. He hasn't really shown great interest, so we didn't push it. His pediatrician said that once summer hit, it would just happen. I bought some cool "big boy" underwear in hopes that one day soon he would show some interest. Well, that night was tonight! We had to try on every pair and model how cute that little bootie looked in each one! We had a little accident (well, two), but within an hour, he was telling me he had to go on the potty! I think we just may be on to something! Here he is trying them on.

Playtime with Daddy

Random Nathan pics *WARNING: CUTE BABY*

Monday, May 10, 2010

Grandma and Nathan

These pictures just melt my heart... Nathan LOVES reading with Grandma. And fortunately, Grandma has the patience to read the same book 100 times! ;)

My Mother's Day Treats!

These are the beautiful roses my Dad gave me for Mother's Day

And this is the GORGEOUS Emerald Ring Jamie gave me for Mother's Day (Emerald is Nathan's birthstone)

Aren't I a lucky gal!?!

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Mother's Day - ABC style

I know I've said it a million times before, but I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE our daycare! Of course we love that fact that our children are extremely well cared for, loved, and learn so much, but it's the little things they do (the extra mile) that put a smile on my face.

Yesterday when I picked them up, I had a lovely Mother's Day present waiting for me. First was a package from Sean:

Also with it was the card from the Tea Party:

I had to laugh at the page with "Things my Mommy likes". He couldn't have pegged me better: wine, diamonds, purses, make-up, pizza, candles, etc. Man my kid knows me well!

But I did have to chuckle at this page... I don't even own a bike. :)

And this was the lovely card from Nathan... love the handprint. You forgot so quickly how little those sweet hands once were.

Mother's Day Tea

Sean's class at "school" hosted a Mother's Day Tea on Thursday. I must admit, it was just about one of the sweetest things I have ever attended! They had all the Mom's line up in the hallway while they had Italian cafe type music playing. One by one, each of the kids came to get their Mommy. They took us by the hand and seated us at the table. Once we sat down, we had a card and a bracelet waiting for us.

Then they asked each of us what we would like to drink (apple juice or water) and what we would like to eat (cinnamon roll, muffin or donuts). Then they each went to the "cafe" and ordered our selection, and very carefully brought it too us.

After we ate, the children put on a little performance, which consisted of a couple of sweet songs, a couple of silly songs, and a couple that showed off their skill at instruments!

After the program, they came and took our picture and we decorated a frame to put it in.

Before heading back to work, I took a few snapshots from around Sean's classroom.

Here are the kids "portraits" of their Mommies.


And a couple of my cutie...

Birthday Party Pictures - Part 2

We had SUCH a fun time at Nathan's first birthday party! My friend, Heather, gave me the idea for a candy themed party (she is SO creative - it's really inspiring!), so off to Sam's I went to try to find as much bulk candy as I could find. Rather than "goodie bags" for kids, everyone got to make their own goodie bag full of whatever kinds of candy they liked! We just did family at this celebration (and that mostly consists of adults), as we have a lot of extended family. We were so thankful everyone was able to join in celebrating this wonderful occassion!

The pictures from his party are below, but we warned, there are a lot! How do you choose just a few with a cutie like Nathan??? :)

Here are a few pictures of the decorations. The ADORABLE banner was made by one of my best friends (more like family), Amy. Unfortunately, she lives out in Colorado now so they were not able to be at the party, but she was so kind to make Nathan's banner special, just for his party. Isn't it amazing!?!?!

A few more decorations

And, the infamous candy table!

A few shots of the party goers

Time to open the presents!

Reading with Grandma (a favorite of his)! Please note the cheesy grin... this is the face he makes every time the camera would show the little orange light (right before the picture would take).

Time for cake!