Wednesday, August 18, 2010

The many faces of Sean and Nathan

Just a few of Sean's (adorable) faces

And a few of the cheeseball... I mean, Nathan. :-)

Just another Saturday morning

Although I've posted many "Saturday morning" pictures, I love that now the pictures are of Sean and Nathan playing or doing something together. Even if it's just hanging out in the sunroom, they want to be together. Gotta enjoy this time now... soon enough they'll be wanting to kill each other! :-)

Big boy bed

It's been a "BIG" (pun intended) month at our house! We are officially wearing big boy underwear, and now, Sean has a new BIG BOY BED!!! We decided it was time since he would no longer sleep in his bed. He usually would sleep on the floor (next to his bed), or come in and sleep with us. It's amazing how a 30 pound child can shrink even a king size bed!

As you can see from the pictures, he (and Mickey) had no problem adjusting to, what Sean refers to, his "big fat bed". Kids.

Rockin' out... quietly

Jamie has been WAITING for the day when Sean would wear headphones. I mean, in his defense, one can only listen to so much Mickey before wanting to jab his or her eyes out! Here's Daddy's big boy watching Mickey on "his Daddy's phone". Can you say tired boy???

Jonesin' for the Jones

July 31st, my BFF from college, Jodi, and her family came Champaign for a visit. Of course we just wanted to get together, but we did manage to celebrate a little... you see, our birthdays are within days of each other! (We Leos have to stick together!) Not that we needed a reason to crack open a bottle of wine, but hey, if there's a reason to party, Jo-Jo and I will be there with our wine! :-)

We had such a nice, relaxing visit. Watched a little baseball, caught up on each others lives, and had a wonderful dinner (thanks to the hubby)! Ryan and Jodi even brought their bounce house and some outdoor games which of course were a HUGE hit with the kiddos! We are looking forward to spending more time together as we all head to the Ozarks later this fall. Here are a few pictures from the day together: