Tuesday, November 23, 2010

4 year check up

So I'm not gonna lie... it kind of makes me sad that Sean's doctor's appointments are no longer called "Well-baby visits". In my head I know he's growing up, but in my heart, he'll always be my baby!

One thing is for sure, he is a big boy when it comes to the doctor! I'm not sure if he's just used to seeing doctors (not that we've had to see that many, but more than many 4 years olds) or what, but is he a trooper! From getting his flu shot (of which he looked at his arm, looked and me and said, "Ow") to getting his blood drawn (not a fan, but no tears!!) - he does so well! He was super excited about seeing his pediatrician since the road into the clinic is very curvy (hey, it's the little things).

We got a good, clean bill of health which makes Mommy very happy!! Although he is still very petite, he is growing! We will go back to the St. Louis Children's Hospital in April for a re-check (growth hormones are still not out of the question), but he is FINALLY on the charts!! They did draw some blood to check his thyroid and iron levels since he is always complaining that he is cold. But I tend to think that it's just because he has no body fat! :-) I guess that's one of the draw backs of being skinny-minny!

4 year stats
Height: 36 3/4 inches / 93.4 cm (1.51 percentile)
Weight: 26.6 pounds (0.16 percentile)

3 year stats
Height: 34 1/8 inches (0.96 percentile)
Weighed 25.2 pounds (1.54 percentile)
So there's not a lot of weight difference, but a good 2+ inches!

At our last appointment in St. Louis in April of this year, he was 88.2 cm - so that's a difference of 5.2 cm! That is great! We're hoping for even more great news this coming April!

Happy Birthday Kennedi!

One of my very best friends from college, Jodi, has a daughter who was born two days before Sean! We love the fact that they are so close in age, but hate the fact that we don't get to see each other as much as we would like. However, we are fortunate to be close enough to make the trip over on a weekend for Miss Kennedi's birthday party!! It was at this very cool gymnastics place, of which both Nathan and Sean loved! Here are a few pictures from the day:

The birthday girl

Sean practicing his Ninja skills

Monday, November 22, 2010

Future Illini

Sean really likes sports, so we've enrolled him a few different ones to try out. Soccer was a hit, baseball was a no-hitter (pun intended), and basketball... jury is still out! I think soccer is going to be the winner since he spends most of the time at basketball practice kicking the ball and practicing his soccer stance! :-)

Whether he's a basketball player or not, he sure looks cute either way!

Nathan just enjoys being able to run around the big gym!!!

Ready for winter

Check out Sean's new Spiderman hat (note the awesomeness of the reversable hat)! That kiddo wearing it is pretty cute too! ;-)

Birthday celebration, take 4!

Saturday night, we really celebrated Sean's birthday! Per his request, we went to "Big pizza and bowling" also known as Jupiters 2. :-)

We concluded the birthday celebration with my family and had a wonderful time (until we went to leave, then it was meltdown city)!

My OFFICIAL four year old!

Birthday celebration, take 3!

Sean was SOOOO excited when his birthday actually got here (after all, we've been celebrating for the past two weeks!) He got to open his presents from Mommy, Daddy and Nathan in the morning. Lord knows that kid doesn't need anything, but you have to have something to open on your birthday! :-)

Super excited about his Mickey flashlight

How many 4 years olds do YOU know that get super excited about new sheets??? Well, when they're Mario Kart sheets...

Sean has wanted a "big boy" backpack for awhile. This Mommy was thrilled when she found one clearanced at $3.74 (and it was a Spiderman one no less!!) So it may be half his size - who cares! He LOVES it!

Doesn't he look so old here? I had to laugh when he thought the extra straps from tightening it was a belt, and needed it tied! :-)

And... his new best friend - Mario. Yes, Mario is now a part of our family. Where we go, Mario goes! I did have to laugh when he asked where Luigi was.

Birthday celebration, take 2!

On Friday the 12th, I took Sean's class Spiderman cupcakes (as requested by the birthday boy). They were a hit! Spiderman's got nothing on my cutie!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Birthday celebration, take 1

Well he IS my kiddo after all, so you know we have to celebrate all month! ;-) Actually, starting in November, Sean will be playing basketball (Mini-Dribblers) every Saturday morning. Since the only time we could reserve the indoor playground at church is on Saturday mornings, we had to have his friend birthday party a little early.

The playground was such a hit last year, we decided to do it again (Sean LOVES the "big church slide")! Since there is so much room there, we were able to invite everyone from his class at school and a bunch of other friends! We had about 30 kiddos there, and a good time was had by all! I just loved watching all the kids run around giggling and having fun. Warms my heart... FOR SURE!