Thursday, February 26, 2009

The end of this Chapter

Today was Sean's re-check from his surgery. ALL IS WELL!!! Sean is officially released from the doctors care, and can eat/drink anything he wants. And, we are not on anymore pain medication (just plain old Tylenol as needed)!

He is eating better and breathing better, and for that we are SO pleased. Everyone at the clinic and hospital were wonderful and we couldn't thank them all enough (especially Dr. Lipps) for the WONDERFUL care they gave our baby.

Now that we're closing this chapter, we can move on to the next. We have a break this weekend before before our next adventure. Next week Sean will have one more blood test done to test his IGF levels and we will head to St. Louis to meet with the Pediatric Endocrinologist. I'm looking forward the appointment to get some more information on this whole process - I have SO many questions! After that appointment, we can OFFICIALLY gear up for the arrival of Sean's baby brother (of which he will wave to in my belly. I'm still not sure he "gets it", but how cute is that?!?)

But, I'm excited to close this one chapter and look to the future. Dr. Lipps made this cool "sword" for Sean today - needless to say, he's been fighting off the evil dogs and kitty in our house all evening. My hero.


Last night at bath time (Sean's bath time that is), Jamie came across the "jets" for my tub. It's a little attachment that you hook to the side of your tub and it creates a jet. I'm a big bath person (I think they are SO relaxing), but my janky tub is just that - a plain old regular tub. So in my opinion, this is one of the greatest inventions!

Well, if you have ever been in a bath tub that has jets, and you add any kind of bubble bath, you know the outcome is... well... MASSIVE! Needless to say, when we put this in Sean's bath last night (which already had his bubble bath in it), we had a whole new kind of fun! Bubbles EVERYWHERE!!!

Random cuteness that is our baby!

Sean LOVES pictures - especially if they are in Grandpa's wallet (he has a cool picture carrier). The other day, he had the pictures from my wallet of which are just the wallet size pictures floating around in my wallet - not near as cool. However, he would not let go of them. Finally at nap time, he fell asleep with them in his hand and I was able to remove them from his grasp! :-)

But his favorite new picture/frame is the one you see below. On one side, it has a picture of Grandpa giving Grandma a kiss. The other side has a picture of Aunt Laine giving Uncle Rick a kiss! Notice how intently he's looking at it!

Monday, February 23, 2009

Valentine's Day... for Sean

Since Sean's surgery was the day before Valentine's Day, he missed his party at school. His teacher said they had a great time, but that he was missed very much! Today we picked up his bag of Valentines. WOW there were a lot! In the bag was this fastastic "Valentine" that he made for Mommy and Daddy. I had to take picture of it - it just melted my heart!

Front page

Page two (it reads: "Although I am only two, I saved some chocolate just for you!")

Page three

Page four (it reads: "These hands are yours to hold."

Page five

Iron Chef

I love this picture of Sean wearing his "Iron Chef" hat that they made at daycare. It's actually from a couple of weeks ago - they made cookies and everyone had their own chef's hat. What do you think... cute as can be, right!?!

Mommy LOVES daycare!

Yep, I do. As much as I love my son and would love to be with him all the time, he loves daycare more. I don't blame him - they do WAY more fun stuff than we do at home! These last few days have been trying, to say the least. Sean is definitely a routine child, and being back with his friends at school doing his daily routine has helped him so much.

Plus, I have decided that the codeine and Sean are not a good mix. I don't think he's allergic, I think it just makes him crazy. Today we cut back his dose (easing him off of it rather than stopping cold turkey - per our friendly pharmacist!). Hopefully, in addition to being back in his daily routine, we'll get our sweet little boy is back!

And, so far so good! Ever since he got home today, he's been funny, helpful (see the picture of him "helping" with the laundry below), and just good old Sean! I think we are finally over the hump. Hopefully we'll start noticing more improvements from the surgery (we've already noticed improved breathing). I don't regret having it done, but I would recommend that the child be a little older. Not being able to communicate his needs/pain/frustrations has been... well, frustrating.

Anyway, here is a picture of Sean "helping" Mommy with the laundry tonight. He helped me put every piece of his clothing in the washer (Mommy added the soap), and he pressed start. Hmm, wonder if I get him a little step stool if he could do this on his own.......

Thursday, February 19, 2009


Seriously, don't they know not to mess with a pregnant woman? Okay, for those of you who have kids that were delivered by someone other than the doctor you planned on, just let me vent.

So, Dr. Dillard (my OB) is the best. Plain and simple - the best. Today I get a call that my May 6th appointment (the last one I have before my due date on the 11th) will have to be with the nurse practitioner, Kathy (of which I see every other time). Now don't get me wrong, I think Kathy is great, but she's not my doctor! Apparently Dr. Dillard is going to be at a conference the week of May 4th - the week PRIOR to my due date. But according to the lady that called to break the horrible news to me, "Well you'll just have to wait until she's back to have the baby!" Trust me, if I could have reached through the phone and smacked her, I would have. WHY, WHY, WHY do people think that even joking about having the baby late is funny??

I know, I know, doctors have the right to take time off and go to conferences, but not when I'm pregnant!!! I mean seriously, it's not like this conference is next month, it's the week before my due date (have I mentioned that already???).

With Sean, I was induced twice, the second time being the one that "took", and that brought us Sean three days early. Now granted during that whole ordeal, I saw two other doctors during the induction (they were the ones on call), and they were very nice, but Dr. Dillard was there for the delivery (and aftermath). :-)

Jamie says that this time will be totally different. I'll go early on my own (no inductions), only be in labor (and not back labor) for two hours, push once, and not tear. Yeah, this coming from the man who during his kidney stone ordeal was apologizing to me for having to go through labor in a couple of months! :-) Gotta love his optimism!

Who knows maybe he's right, but seriously, who does this to a pregnant woman????? Grrrr.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Getting better!

Well, we are now four days past surgery and Sean is getting better!!! The day of his surgery (Friday) and Saturday were good days. Considering what he had been through, we thought he was doing remarkably well! Sunday and Monday were different stories. They say day three is the worst, and I believe it. You could tell from the moment he woke up (at 5:00 a.m.) on Sunday that he was in pain. He kept rubbing his neck and crying - and not a good cry. It was probably the most heartbreaking thing watching him point/rub at his neck and look at me like, "Mommy, make it stop hurting!"

Needless to say, we kept on top of the pain meds and tried to cuddle him as much as he would let us. Yesterday he took a four hour nap, and then slept from 8:00 p.m. - 7:15 a.m.! When I was hanging out on the couch with him this morning, I could tell he is dong MUCH better. I even commented to Jamie that I think we have our little boy back! Today we will start cutting his dose of the Tylenol with codeine down 0.5 ml each day, so that by this weekend we can hopefully be on just regular Tylenol as needed.

We've already noticed that his breathing is MAJORLY improved! In fact, we go in and check on him to make sure he's still breathing because for the first time since he was born, we can't hear him breathe through the monitor.

Jamie and I are splitting this week so that we can both get a little done work-wise, and today is my day at work... so... I'd better get going. More later!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Sean surgery update

Thank you to everyone for your thoughts and prayers for Sean (and us) yesterday. The surgery was a success and Sean did AMAZING! I was worried about so many things for nothing, but I know it is thanks to prayers from friends and family.

For those of you who don't know, Jamie WAS able to be there with us for the surgery, and for that I am so grateful. His kidney stones are slowly breaking up, and he is passing them in very small pieces, but passing them none the less!

Yesterday, we woke Sean up and headed to the hospital around 6:00. A quick check in and then we headed to his "room" and sat and waited for our turn. There was a TV in his room, and thankfully they had the Disney channel, so a BIG thank you to Mickey! :-) He was a wonderful distraction. The only thing he wanted no part in (at this point) was the ankle bracelet (id). I don't blame him - they are not very comfortable.

They came and got him around 7:40 (he was the second surgery of the day). He didn't even cry when they took him - Mommy sure did. Thankfully, Grandpa and Grandma, Aunt Elaine, Grandpa Jay and Mindy were there. We were so thankful and blessed to have them there for support. It really meant more to us than we could ever show. They said the surgery would take anywhere from 20 - 45 minutes. About 40 minutes later, the doctor came in. He said that Sean did excellent and that he would be brought to us soon. Again, here came the water works for Mommy. We were so thankful and relieved that it was over. I started getting so anxious just to hold him again. If anyone in Champaign ever needs an ENT, you HAVE to see Dr. Lipps. He truly is the best! We are so grateful to him for taking such good care of our baby.

The nurse brought him back about 10 minutes later and said Sean didn't cry at all through the whole thing (not even in recovery)... until they took the sticky pads off his back (where they monitor the heart, oxygen, etc.). I think once he began crying, it hurt his throat and he just couldn't get calmed down. Plus, he really wanted the IV removed (he was doing he best to take it out himself). We finally got the nurse to take it out, got him his dose of medicine, and then he was able to calm down (that all took about a half an hour). Believe it or not, he really hasn't cried since.

We were able to leave the hospital about 30 minutes later. We made a stop at Mc Donald's on the way home. The doctor said he really needed to get something in his belly so that the Tylenol with codeine didn't make him sick. I was sure this was going to be a battle, but boy was I wrong. He ate two McGriddles, and then ate the two off of Jamie's McGriddle sandwich. Yes, that would be FOUR total. He didn't eat much else yesterday (a few powdered donuts), and today he's had some peas, half a banana, and yes, more powdered donuts, but that is great!!! Believe it or not, he slept through the night and took good naps yesterday and today.

Today we've just been lazy (reading a lot of books, watching a lot of TV, and just hanging out). Grandpa and Grandma came to visit last night and today, and last night Aunt Elaine brought us some movies to watch this week (courtesy of Nick and Kyle of course). :-)

We've had a few little surprises today. Grandpa and Grandma brought Sean these beautiful flowers (Sean loves the hearts on them), popsicles, a new really cool book and a card with a teddy bear on it:

Aunt Wendy and Uncle Wade sent Sean these AWESOME balloons and teddy bear (these were the highlight of his day! THANK YOU!!!!):

Grandpa Jay and Mindy gave him this darling puppy and balloon yesterday at the hospital:

Grandma Becky sent a cute get well card with $$$ for ice cream! Thank you to everyone for the generous gifts - they really are great!

Today we're keeping on top of the pain medicine, but we are truly amazed at how well our little super hero is doing. He is so strong, so brave and the most amazing little trooper I know! Tomorrow is day three, which they say is the worst. But judging by my sweet little boy, I think we'll fair through this whole experience just fine. Whew, Mommy can finally breathe!!!!

Again, thank you to everyone for your thoughts and prayers. We couldn't have done this without you all!!!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Lions and Tigers and... Kidney Stones???

This morning we took Jamie to the ER around 4:00 a.m. Apparently he had been up since 2:00, but he woke me up around 3:30 complaining of a pain in is his back that wrapped around to his chest, but also down his groin and leg. When he woke me up, all he said was, "Something is wrong..." and then was in so much pain he couldn't speak. I didn't know if it was Sean or Jamie that something was wrong with, but my stomach hit the floor. Tears were pouring down his face from the intense pain. I wasn't sure if it was a heart attack or kidney stones, so we decided a trip to the ER would be best. I have NEVER seen him in so much pain before - scared the HELL out of me.

Once we got checked in, they said that it was probably kidney stones as he was doing the "kidney stone dance". They were able to give him some pain medication through an IV, so it hit him quick and helped him relax quite a bit. It was the first time he was able to stop pacing and rest his body. He was still feeling the pain, just didn't care quite as much! He was able to finally give a urine sample which did have blood in it, so they took him for a CAT scan. Those results did show stones in his kidneys and one that was "moving" its way down. It is 3.3 millimeters, which according to the doctor, "is small for a kidney stone but doesn't hurt any less." But, it is small enough to let it pass on it's own rather than having it surgically removed.

Once the pain meds kicked in a little and I knew he wasn't having a heart attack, I did tell him if he ever wakes me up to tell me something is wrong, he has to specify who and what before he stops talking!!!!

We were released and home by about 6:30 this morning with nausea medication, pain medication, Flomax (a prostate drug that is supposed to help it pass), and a strainer to help catch the stone when it passes. When I left home to take Sean to daycare, the pain meds had kicked in again and he was getting a little relief - hopefully he can get some rest and pass this thing soon. He is super upset that this is happening before Sean's surgery tomorrow (we have to be there at 6:15 a.m.). He does not want to miss being there (for his own sanity), and honestly, I need him there too.

We appreciate your prayers for Jamie (and Sean tomorrow)... while you are praying, please add Nick to your list. He's home with strep throat and has been for a couple of days, and just isn't feeling better. Apparently they had a rough night last night too.

A BIG thank you to Dad for coming over to be with Sean while we were at the hospital. I know it was early, but we appreciate it VERY much!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Sean's newest trick / Surgery update

Today we met with Dr. Lipps (the doctor who will be performing Sean's surgery). The surgery is scheduled for this Friday (February 13) sometime around 7:30. We will arrive at 6:30 and hopefully not have to wait too long (since he can't eat or drink after midnight).

Some additional news we found out today... the surgery itself will last about 20 minutes, so he will be "under" longer than the surgery itself. Hopefully about an hour after they take him back, we'll be able to go be with him. He'll have an antibiotic and Tylenol with Codine for the pain, and they will give him some anti-nausea medicine through his IV before he wakes up. The good news is they will do the IV after they put him "under", so that should be less traumatic for him.

Once we're home, he can have soft foods for two days, and then we can introduce other foods. However, no chips, crackers, pretzels or pizza for two weeks. That ought to be fun! We go back for a recheck on the 26th, so hopefully we'll have this wrapped up by the end of the month.

I did finally have a mild break down today, but after talking with Dr. Lipps, I do feel better. I just have to get the image of them taking him away out of my mind. I know this is routine, and a co-worker said they'll probably do 20 of them that day, but the other 19 aren't my child... deep breath.

And on a side note, here are some pictures of Sean's latest trick. Even though he discovered the art of sticking his finger up his nose a long time ago, apparently now he realizes it gets a reaction from Mommy and Daddy! :-)

I also forgot to share some of Sean's latest words/phrases that he's started saying within the last week:

1) Mama - YES... FINALLY!!!!!!!!
2) "Driving me nuts"... apparently Mama uses that phrase a little too much!
3) "Oh, okay". Since Sean "babbles" a lot and I still can't understand what he's saying, sometimes I just look at him and smile and say, "Ohhhhh, okay." Well now he repeats it back to me!
4) Sean - which sounds more like "Non"

Monday, February 9, 2009

Hello third trimester!

Hard to believe that I am now entering my third trimester! Man, the time really has flown. I think I'm starting to get into nesting mode - I'm getting very anxious to get Sean's new room done so that we can get him moved over, thus leaving me time to prepare the nursery!

Thanks to my friend Allie, Sean's new room is painted and looks FANTASTIC! Jamie will finish the lighting this week and then the carpet will be put down on the 23rd. After that, we'll be pretty much ready to get things shifted over.

Today was my 28 week check up/blood work. Let me tell you how much fun that nasty orange drink is. I had every intention of taking myself to the appointment, but for whatever reason, the drink really hit me today and made me nauseous and shaky. Jamie came to the rescue and took me to the appointment. Everything looks great! The baby's heartbeat was 151, I've lost 3 pounds (huh?) so I've only gained a total of seven pounds as of now, and my blood pressure was 120/72. Right on track!

We go for one more sonogram on March 4th, and then I start to see the doctor every two weeks. Starting April 15, we go every week! Yikes! I have all of my appointments scheduled between now and my due date, but I refused to make one for the week of my due date ("just in case" said the nurse). Um, no. There will be no just in case... I refuse to go late! :-) So, my last dr's appointment is May 6. And that's final! :-)

Tomorrow is Sean's pre-op appointment, so we'll know what time his surgery is on Friday. I'll keep you posted!

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Riley - aka Rufus

This weekend we had a full house... of dogs that is! Riley, my cousin Justin's dog, came for a visit so that Justin and his girlfriend Emily could visit her parents in Marion (GO SOUTHERN!).

Riley is about a 120 pound per breed chocolate lab (hunting stock), but about as sweet as they come. My other cousin, Melissa, gave him his name. With all due respect to her, we all agree that Riley is just not the name for this kind of dog. Therefore, Jamie and I took it upon ourselves to rename him something more appropriate. Thus his new name - Rufus. He's so big, so goofy looking (but cute), and when he lays down on the floor, you'd think a freight train just hit your house (the force is amazing). Anyway, he's great with Sean as you can see from below. He just let's him crawl all over him. Good boy... Rufus that is! ;-)

Super Bowl Fun!

Thanks to my friend Kelly, I signed up at to be a host for the Velvetta sponsored Super Bowl party... and I got selected! We had mostly family over as we celebrated the big game (but were sorely disappointed with the outcome) with lots of goodies courtesy of Velvetta. Here is what they sent us in our "party package":

1 32 oz. package of VELVEETA
16 VELVEETA Loaf Savers for your and your guests
1 can of RO*TEL Diced Tomatoes and Green Chilies
1 Dip Bowl
3 bags NABISCO Chips
16 Snack Clips for you and your guests
25 Super-Cool disposable cups from Etch It® (everyone can personalize his or her own!)
KOOL-AID Powdered Beverage (makes 12 quarts!)
16 Recipe cards with coupon for you and your guests

We had a lot of fun (especially Sean) with everyone. Here are a few pictures from the night:

Justin (my cousin) is desperately trying to get Sean (or anyone for that matter) to be a Dolphins fan. Apparently he thought if Sean just wore the Dolphins hat it would "sink in". I'm not so sure about that, but it is odd that this child HATS hats, but really seemed to love this one. Hmmm... maybe we will have another Dolphins fan after all!


Have you ever seen two more lazy beasts in your life???? Notice the absence of Scooby??? That would be because he's taking up the entire three seat sofa. Pets... I tell ya.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

GOOD news!

I was finally sorting through my mail from a couple of days ago and came across an Explanation of Benefits (EOB) for Sean's speech therapy evaluation from November. This is the session that cost $537.00. It turns out that the insurance DID cover that portion of it, it's just the therapy session itself we're still battling on. So, our cost for the eval went from $537.00 to $91.29!!!! I'm sure you can imagine our immense relief! THANK GOODNESS!!!!!

What a big boy!

Sean is doing SO well in his new room at school. His teacher, Miss Ashley, commented on how well he's adjusting. The only thing he really wants no part in is drinking from an open cup. I can't blame him - half the time I think I still need to use a sippy cup! :-) He is even eating really well! There have been several days where his take home sheet says he's had TWO servings of lunch! What a little you-know-what. I guess that's how it works though, he'll eat for everyone but Mommy and Daddy!

Yesterday, he went all day with a dry diaper and went in the potty twice! We were SO proud of him! We finally invested in a potty for home, but I think we're going to wait until after his surgery to really start trying. No need to have that pressure on him (or us) when he's trying to recover. Our baby is growing up - that's for sure!