Monday, February 9, 2009

Hello third trimester!

Hard to believe that I am now entering my third trimester! Man, the time really has flown. I think I'm starting to get into nesting mode - I'm getting very anxious to get Sean's new room done so that we can get him moved over, thus leaving me time to prepare the nursery!

Thanks to my friend Allie, Sean's new room is painted and looks FANTASTIC! Jamie will finish the lighting this week and then the carpet will be put down on the 23rd. After that, we'll be pretty much ready to get things shifted over.

Today was my 28 week check up/blood work. Let me tell you how much fun that nasty orange drink is. I had every intention of taking myself to the appointment, but for whatever reason, the drink really hit me today and made me nauseous and shaky. Jamie came to the rescue and took me to the appointment. Everything looks great! The baby's heartbeat was 151, I've lost 3 pounds (huh?) so I've only gained a total of seven pounds as of now, and my blood pressure was 120/72. Right on track!

We go for one more sonogram on March 4th, and then I start to see the doctor every two weeks. Starting April 15, we go every week! Yikes! I have all of my appointments scheduled between now and my due date, but I refused to make one for the week of my due date ("just in case" said the nurse). Um, no. There will be no just in case... I refuse to go late! :-) So, my last dr's appointment is May 6. And that's final! :-)

Tomorrow is Sean's pre-op appointment, so we'll know what time his surgery is on Friday. I'll keep you posted!