Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow!

Although we didn't have a white Christmas, we did get snow this week! Sean has patiently waiting for this day (new snow boots, snow suit, mittens - the whole nine yards). Although ALL he talked about was playing the in the snow, once he was out there, he wasn't so sure about it. I did manage to snap a few shots of him all cute and bundled... after these were taken, Jamie pulled him on the sled (now THAT he liked)!

Merry Christmas!

Hard to believe, but my baby's first Christmas is over!!! But what a Christmas it was! This year was just so much fun! Sean really got into Santa, presents, the Christmas tree, Christmas songs - you name it! That really made my holiday even more amazing! My sweet little Nathan really enjoyed it too... although he likes his new toys, he really liked the wrapping paper! :-) We've been super blessed this year in so many ways, and we hope your holiday was a wonderful as ours!

After the Lance Family Christmas at home, we headed over to Mom and Dad's to meet up with them and the Stones for the "Caspers" family Christmas! This part of my day is always so much fun - although a lot has changed over the years, there are so many traditions still in place, and I LOVE that! Christmas is Mom's holiday, and she makes it so special for us (even the big kids)!

I LOVE this picture of Elaine and Nathan! It's my favorite from the day!

After Grandma and Grandpa's, we came home and ALL took a nap (that was the best Christmas present ever!) Christmas night, Grandpa Jay and Mindy came over for dinner. It was nice to spend some time with them - we don't get to see them very often. The boys really liked their new toys from Grandpa Jay (Mommy and Daddy did too)!

More giggles

Other than Sean, the thing that gets Nathan laughing the most are the dogs! Something as simple as Jamie throwing the dog's toy down the hall brings endless amounts of entertainment to my sweet baby! Isn't this laugh contagious???

Tickle, Tickle

It's so funny watching Sean do and say things we do/say. For example, when we tickle Sean (anything to hear that giggle), we apparently say "tickle, tickle!" We caught Sean playing with Nathan and tickling him. Of course, like us, this makes Nathan laugh, which in turn makes Sean laugh and continue the tickling. Check it out...

Happy Birthday Ian, Evan and Avery

A couple of weeks ago, my dear friend Allie's triplet's turned FIVE! Sean was invited to their party and had a GREAT time! It was a FCC's indoor playground (where we had his party). I can't believe those sweet little babies are five! Where does the time go!

Miss Avery opening her presents

Can you believe this hot mama had triplets???

Having fun!

Happy Birthday Mason!

You know what the greatest thing is about our friend's Kelly and Mason??? No matter how many birthdays we have, they will always be older than us! :-) Just kidding, there are many reasons other than that (but it doesn't hurt)!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Visit from Aunt wendy and Uncle Wade

This weekend, Jamie's Aunt Wendy (or Winnie as Sean calls her) and Uncle Wade came for a visit. It was such a fun weekend!!! Wade had never met Mr. Nathan, and Sean wasn't even two when he last saw Sean - needless to say, a lot has changed in our family!! Saturday, they watch the boys while Jamie and I went to the Illinois football game (and oh what a game!). They specifically got a hotel with an indoor pool so that Wade could take Sean swimming. Bless Aunt Wendy's heart, she let him talk/watch/sing "Mr. Grinch" a million times! He had a GREAT time with them (as did we) and Nathan loved every minute of every cuddle! We miss them already but will be heading to Colorado next month to spend some time with Grandma Becky, Wade and Wendy and the Snodgrasses! We can't wait!!!

"Cool new jammies" (as quoted by Sean)

Aunt Wendy and Uncle Wade sent Sean some cool new Thomas jammies. Now mind you when I try to get Sean to wear the cute, warm footed jammies, he will begin undressing himself. However, tell them they are from Aunt Wendy and they stay on like glue. :)

Hanging with my 'bro

It's really funny watching Sean and Nathan interact with each other. They are even starting to "play" together (which is hysterical)!!! The other morning they were hanging out watching Mickey, so of course I had to snap a few shots. The last one cracks me up... it's Nathan's "What'choo talkin' 'bout, Willis?" face.

Decorating the tree

I have a sneaking suspicion that this year, Christmas is going to be one of the best! Sean is talking a lot about Santa, loves all the decorations on people's houses as we drive by, and just talks about Christmas all the time! We're also teaching him about what Christmas means (thanks to an awesome Little People Nativity Set that my friend Heather found for us). Although every time you ask him who is in the manager, he says, "Baby Nathan". It's a work in progress. :-)

If you happen to be at our house this Christmas, and see our tree (which we FINALLY decorated after being up for two weeks), you will find that the bottom of our tree is heavily decorated. That would be thanks to Sean man! He LOVED decorating the tree, and although we tried to get him to let us lift him up to put some higher, he wanted to do it BY HIMSELF! :-) My sweet sleepy Nathan missed it this year, but being that cute would wear me out too!

Here are a few pictures of the decorating:

And tonight we found one more (a Thomas one no less!)

Friday, December 4, 2009

Five years ago today...

Five years ago today, I married the love of my life! Five years and two BEAUTIFUL children later, I look back on that day and still smile at the beautiful wedding my parents gave us. We are truly so blessed to have found each other, and to have such a loving family! Here's to many, many more years together! I love you Jamie!