Wednesday, October 31, 2012

October happenings

October was a craaaaazy busy month for us, but in a fun way! We started the month enjoying the beautifully warm weather on the kids new playset. Jamie designed and built this just for himself the boys, and boy do they love it! He used a lot of the wood from our old deck, and I just think it is amazing.

Sean had a fun start to the month, as his Kindergarten class got to take a trip to Curtis Orchard. Sean loved being able to pick out his own little pumpkin and decorate it. I wasn't able to attend this outing (silly work), but a friend sent me this picture. Are they not the cutest kids ever?

In the middle of the month, we headed over to Indy to see the Imagination Movers in Concert at Butler University. I took some pictures, but they didn't turn out well at all. The venue was amazing, and the boys had a good time, but I have to say it was actually a better concert here in Champaign. Still, it was a fun trip! We spent the night in Indy and had fun swimming and goofing off (I am forever indebted to the inventor of glow sticks), and spent the next day at the Children’s Museum. It was fun, but we managed to pick a day when schools were closed, so it was B-U-S-Y. Almost too much. But we managed to get a few fun pictures from the day. :-)

Later in October, Judah had it's Family Fun Day at Curtis Orchard, and I thought it might be fun to take Sean and my nephews. It was cold, but we had a great time! They had an inflatable obstacle course, inflatable slide, corn maze, and more!

Sean enjoying his apple donut

Nick is holding Sean in this picture, so he doesn't have to put his shoes back on. He's waiting his turn to go through the inflatable obstacle course. I just love this one. :-)

All that playing made us pretty hungry, so we had to make a stop a Steak-n-Shake to refuel. :-)

Sean also started working VERY hard on his writing in October. Every week, they get a phonics book sent home, and they are to write five words that begin with the sound they have been working on. Parents are to assist, but not help spell. They really want to get the kids to sound it out. I love this one in particular, because it was "E", and he thought of my sister. It kind of made me laugh though, because even though her name is Elaine, he calls her Laine. :-) Can you tell what all five words are?

Here's another one of my favorites of his, because he chose the word "snuggle". I heart him.

We of course ended the month with Halloween, of which Sean chose to be Mario, and Nathan wanted to me Mickey. I didn't get many pictures of them, as neither of them would sit still long enough! Can we say sugar?

Jamie and I were invited to our good friends, Cara and Luke, Halloween party. And well, you can see for yourself. :-)

(And you thought we didn't have a sense of humor.)

My office did a 101 Dalmation theme for our branch this year, so Melissa and I got in the spirit and joined in. Here we are all dogged out.

Whew. I think that wraps up October... now, on to November!