Sunday, September 30, 2012

September happenings

Well, here I ago again... needing to catch up on what all has been happening with us! Setpember was a pretty busy month. Sean started soccer which met on Tuesday nights, with games on Saturday mornings. It was kind of crazy as one day it was 95 degrees, and then Saturday, it was 40 and SUPER windy on the open field! Sean has a great time and still talks about wanting to play again, but he has a hard time understanding it's OKAY to try to take the ball away from someone. Kind of a different concept than what a child is usually taught. :-) Regardless, how cute is he?

We also celebrated Jamie's birthday in September, and had A LOT of fun doing so. Sometimes it's fun to see Jamie just get to act like a kid. Since Jamie started working and supporting himself at such a young age, I think that he sometimes just needs to let loose and be a kid. :-) And of course, having two young boys to help with that doesn't hurt. Here is Jamie enjoying his new birthday present...

We also received the kiddos school pictures back, which turned out FANTASTIC! I forgot that they were having picture day at Nathan's daycare (that was new for me), but thankfully we didn't send him in a typical daycare outfit that day! WHEW!

I'll have to find my big boy's KINDERGARTEN picture. Still hard to believe he's that old. (sniff, sniff).