Wednesday, August 28, 2013

July Recap

I know, I know... I skipped April. My pictures are missing from that time, so I'll have to grab those from my backup disc and post later. In the meantime, here is the latest update for June and July.

This summer, Sean was old enough to go to Summer camp at our church (no more daycare). Let me tell you, this is the most A-M-A-Z-I-N-G camp! Talk about keeping the kids entertained! I was thrilled with all of the activities that they do, as I've always had a little bit of guilt (okay, a lot) about not being able to be home with the kids in the summer. They have always been in daycare - non-stop - since they were born, so I was so happy he got to do fun stuff. They went to movies, did gymnastics at I-Power, went to Skateland, the zoo, had water time, "bring your wheels (bikes" day)... you name it! He came home exhausted almost every day, but always had a blast! They had plenty of down time as well (code for "I get to play my DS!"), and also did a bible lesson every day, of which I love.

Each week, the kids would vote on an award to be given to one kiddo, who demonstrated that particular trait. Imagine my delight, when Sean came home with the "Kindness Award"! To be chosen for that out of 30 kids ages 6-12, I was so proud!!

So to celebrate, we of course had to go to TCBY (which still cracks me up since neither kid of mine actually eats ice cream)!

Later in the month, we traveled over to Peoria, to visit one of my best friend's from college/sorority, along with two other of my dear friends from the sorority. Jodi was a gracious host, and we had such a WONDERFUL visit! It was so nice to get the families/kids together to play. We even managed to get a picture of the four of us girls (me, Jodi, Jen, and Jill)!

A lot of the summer has been spent in the pool, at least for Sean and Nathan (I actually have yet to swim). They would LIVE in the pool if I would let them... especially Sean. Although I'm super impressed (and slightly terrified) with how daring Nathan is getting! Sean loves to swim and go under water without his puddle jumper. He's getting so big... sniff, sniff. Between my parents pool, and my sister's pool, the kids are SO tan!

Sean and Nick having fun

Of course, the day this picture was taken, was just about the end of the world. "Monkey" was accidentally left at aunt Laine's house. When Sean asked me to call them and make sure they had him (and were taking good care of him), Aunt Laine sent this picture to put his mind at ease. Is she not the BEST Aunt ever?!?

"Monkey" is on the left


In preparation for Pre-school, Nathan finally made the trip to the Dentist. And let me tell you, I am SO glad we waited! He was such a superstar, and I was SO proud of him! Doesn't he look SO big here?

One of the BEST parts about this summer, was the boys being old enough to get really excited about new movies coming out. Nathan couldn't wait to see Monsters University, and Sean was super stoked to see Despicable Me 2. Both were cute, but we really love Despicable Me 2 the best. ;-)

The month ended with my birthday... and what a birthday it was! Jamie surprised me, by picking up BOTH boys from camp/daycare, and bringing them in to see me at work. Imagine my surprise when I see two little bald heads coming down the hallway, each holding a rose and a card. Well, actually make the THREE bald heads. Jamie also had a card and a bouquet of roses. :-)

That weekend, one of my very best friends, Kelly, planned a little "kidnapping" event. Jamie, the boys and I, we getting ready to walk in to Buffalo Wild Wings for lunch, and the next thing I know, these crazy people started running at me, grabbed me, and threw me in a mini-van (you should have seen the look on poor Nathan's face...). Good thing Jamie knew about it, as I was a little concerned as to why he didn't come try to save me! :-)

Here's what these crazy people REALLY look like:

Happy 4th Birthday Nathan!

Why is it that FOUR seems so much older to me than THREE? I mean, it's only one year. But man, my baby is FOUR. We had a wonderful time celebrating his birthday with several of his friends from school, church, and just family friends. Of course he chose to have it at the indoor playground at our church again, which was fine by me! The kids always enjoy the time there to run and play, and I love that clean up is a breeze! ;-)

My birthday boy chose a Toy Story theme, so I, and two my friends, got to work. First on the agenda was finding the perfect invitation. I knew I couldn't do one with a picture of Nathan, because I'll be darned if that child stays still long enough for me to get a picture of him that doesn't look blurred. Seriously, he never stops moving. Ever. But thanks to Etsy, I found the right one.

Next on my list, was to find the perfect goody bags, which actually ended up being buckets. Of which I failed to photograph. :-( But that's okay... my dear friend, Michelle, really outdid herself with the awesome cupcake display. Her talent never ceases to amaze me! And those I DID remember to take a picture of!

Finally, my long-time friend, Janay, who has done several different shirts for the boys the past several years, created this adorable design for this year. Isn't it wonderful (and isn't he adorable)?

All-in-all, it was a wonderful day celebrating my little guy. And judging by this smile, I think he had fun too.