Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Happy 4th Birthday Nathan!

Why is it that FOUR seems so much older to me than THREE? I mean, it's only one year. But man, my baby is FOUR. We had a wonderful time celebrating his birthday with several of his friends from school, church, and just family friends. Of course he chose to have it at the indoor playground at our church again, which was fine by me! The kids always enjoy the time there to run and play, and I love that clean up is a breeze! ;-)

My birthday boy chose a Toy Story theme, so I, and two my friends, got to work. First on the agenda was finding the perfect invitation. I knew I couldn't do one with a picture of Nathan, because I'll be darned if that child stays still long enough for me to get a picture of him that doesn't look blurred. Seriously, he never stops moving. Ever. But thanks to Etsy, I found the right one.

Next on my list, was to find the perfect goody bags, which actually ended up being buckets. Of which I failed to photograph. :-( But that's okay... my dear friend, Michelle, really outdid herself with the awesome cupcake display. Her talent never ceases to amaze me! And those I DID remember to take a picture of!

Finally, my long-time friend, Janay, who has done several different shirts for the boys the past several years, created this adorable design for this year. Isn't it wonderful (and isn't he adorable)?

All-in-all, it was a wonderful day celebrating my little guy. And judging by this smile, I think he had fun too.