Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Sean's newest trick / Surgery update

Today we met with Dr. Lipps (the doctor who will be performing Sean's surgery). The surgery is scheduled for this Friday (February 13) sometime around 7:30. We will arrive at 6:30 and hopefully not have to wait too long (since he can't eat or drink after midnight).

Some additional news we found out today... the surgery itself will last about 20 minutes, so he will be "under" longer than the surgery itself. Hopefully about an hour after they take him back, we'll be able to go be with him. He'll have an antibiotic and Tylenol with Codine for the pain, and they will give him some anti-nausea medicine through his IV before he wakes up. The good news is they will do the IV after they put him "under", so that should be less traumatic for him.

Once we're home, he can have soft foods for two days, and then we can introduce other foods. However, no chips, crackers, pretzels or pizza for two weeks. That ought to be fun! We go back for a recheck on the 26th, so hopefully we'll have this wrapped up by the end of the month.

I did finally have a mild break down today, but after talking with Dr. Lipps, I do feel better. I just have to get the image of them taking him away out of my mind. I know this is routine, and a co-worker said they'll probably do 20 of them that day, but the other 19 aren't my child... deep breath.

And on a side note, here are some pictures of Sean's latest trick. Even though he discovered the art of sticking his finger up his nose a long time ago, apparently now he realizes it gets a reaction from Mommy and Daddy! :-)

I also forgot to share some of Sean's latest words/phrases that he's started saying within the last week:

1) Mama - YES... FINALLY!!!!!!!!
2) "Driving me nuts"... apparently Mama uses that phrase a little too much!
3) "Oh, okay". Since Sean "babbles" a lot and I still can't understand what he's saying, sometimes I just look at him and smile and say, "Ohhhhh, okay." Well now he repeats it back to me!
4) Sean - which sounds more like "Non"