Thursday, February 26, 2009

The end of this Chapter

Today was Sean's re-check from his surgery. ALL IS WELL!!! Sean is officially released from the doctors care, and can eat/drink anything he wants. And, we are not on anymore pain medication (just plain old Tylenol as needed)!

He is eating better and breathing better, and for that we are SO pleased. Everyone at the clinic and hospital were wonderful and we couldn't thank them all enough (especially Dr. Lipps) for the WONDERFUL care they gave our baby.

Now that we're closing this chapter, we can move on to the next. We have a break this weekend before before our next adventure. Next week Sean will have one more blood test done to test his IGF levels and we will head to St. Louis to meet with the Pediatric Endocrinologist. I'm looking forward the appointment to get some more information on this whole process - I have SO many questions! After that appointment, we can OFFICIALLY gear up for the arrival of Sean's baby brother (of which he will wave to in my belly. I'm still not sure he "gets it", but how cute is that?!?)

But, I'm excited to close this one chapter and look to the future. Dr. Lipps made this cool "sword" for Sean today - needless to say, he's been fighting off the evil dogs and kitty in our house all evening. My hero.