Monday, March 2, 2009

All kinds of good news

Today was just a day of good news! Excuse the informal nature of this email, but here is what I'm rejoicing (and thanking God) for today:

1) Weight gain - No, not mine (that would be another post... not of the rejoicing nature!) :-) Sean went to the doctor today for a quick check to make sure he doesn't have an ear infection. He has a cold and has been sleeping very poorly for the past five nights. All is well, which is good, but it would have explained a lot if it was an infection. While we were there, they did a height and weight check. Since his appointment in January, he has gained weight! Dr. Striegel said she was very pleased with the results and was very confident that this is a good sign. He is now in the 0.56% for weight (he gained 2 pounds even, and that's even after surgery) and 0.15% for height (he's gained about one inch since November). She was pleased to see his chart making an upward turn and not being so level. She thinks that with this big jump in weight (in two months) that a growth spurt may be close behind.

While we were there, we did have his last round of blood work done before our St. Louis appointment. THAT, however, I was not thankful for. The "phlebotomist" (yes, I'm using that word loosely) dug and dug before I finally asked, "Can someone else try? You seem to be having a difficult time finding his vein and he is clearly upset." Yeah, seemed like a no brainer to me, but apparently not. Fortunately, the second person was able to find it right away, and once Sean got his sucker (and I took off the band-aids from both arms), life was good again. I'm now anxiously awaiting those results - they will tell us a lot.

2) Insurance - Thanks to the multiple letters from Sean's pediatrician to the insurance company, they are going to cover our first two speech appointments. I had previously posted about the really expensive one being covered (we paid $91.00 of the $537.00), but today I found out - in writing - that the other appointment that was going to cost us $211.00 will only cost us $35.87! RIGHT ON!

3) Friends - A co-worker of mine has a child who will be starting growth hormone therapy this month. She was able to provide me with A LOT of information. Although we go to St. Louis two weeks from today and will know so much more then, it was nice to get some questions answered. But the bonus to this conversation is she told me about an organization that is covering her daughter's treatment at 100% for ONE YEAR! She said the doctor orchestrated the whole thing, and she is sure St. Louis will do the same thing. How wonderful is that???

4) Speech - We found out that Sean does qualify for speech through the state. The great part about this is a) they will come to his daycare - that's a great convenience for me, and b) it will cost us $43.48 less a month now (than if we did it through Carle), and once the baby is born, it will cost us $68.48 less a month!

5) My husband - Please note that although this is last on my list, it is certainly not the least important. With Sean's sleeping issues these last few days, Jamie will get up with Sean, walk with him, cradle him, get up early so I can sleep, etc. Since I'm having a heck of a time sleeping (30 weeks pregnant and sciatic pain will do that), he's been so gracious to allow me every extra minute I can get. You'll never hear him complain and he always has a smile in the morning. He deserves an award... I honestly couldn't do this without him.


Heather, TJ, Brock, and Jillian said...

God is so, so good! And what a sweetie of a husband. He's a real keeper!

Kayla Hewitt said...

That's great news about Sean! I'll be praying for you guys as you get ready for the St. Louis appointment.