Monday, March 9, 2009

Sean's test results update

GREAT NEWS! Well, if my little guy doesn't cease to amaze me... Friday, I got the results back from Sean's latest round of bloodwork, in addition to ALL of his reports (bone scan, lab results, etc.) that we are to take with us to St. Louis. The last round of blood work we had done was in December, so we are looking at about a three month time difference (just short).

Because not everyone is obessed with IGF (growth hormone) numbers, I will refresh your memory! :-) A normal two-year old should have IGF levels between 45-222. In November, Sean was at 22; in December he jumped to 30, and now he's at 37! This is fantastic news as we are definitely heading the right direction!!! Although he is still below the "normal" range, he is gaining the hormone, which is fantastic!

We also found out that all the other tests that were run came back normal. He is a little low in creatine, but barely. The one other test that really caught my eye was the TRH (thyroid). He has always been in the "normal" range, but in December he was at 0.99 and now is 3.97! That's a great jump! According to google, the TRH can impact growth as well: "Growth: Thyroid hormones are clearly necessary for normal growth in children and young animals, as evidenced by the growth-retardation observed in thyroid deficiency. Not surprisingly, the growth-promoting effect of thyroid hormones is intimately intertwined with that of growth hormone, a clear indiction that complex physiologic processes like growth depend upon multiple endocrine controls."

His bone scan results were so complicated to read (it was like I was reading it in Latin), but from what I can gather, in November he was measuring at a bone growth of one year, six months (so about six months behind). I really have no idea what that means in the long run, but that's one of the things we'll find out next Monday.

Anyway, that's all for now - GREAT NEWS that we just had to share!


Kayla Hewitt said...

Yay! All the prayers are working. I'm praying for the appointment in St. Louis to go well and for Sean's numbers to continue to improve.