Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Sonogram/Doctor's appointment update

Hello! Today was my sonogram/doctor's appointment. Wow, lots to report... Look below all the information and you can see some new pictures of our little man (which they did confirm was a little man!) :-) He's got Sean's nose!

So, here's what we know:

1) He is breech (just like his brother) - so, at my March 18th appointment we'll schedule another sonogram. I guess being short waisted (thanks MOM) helps me just have breech kiddos!

2) He is measuring TWO WEEKS early!!! That would put me due at April 27th. YIKES! I told my Mom that maybe I'll have him on her birthday (April 25) rather than my Dad's (May 17). Who knows though, Sean always measured one week early, and we know he wasn't a big baby!

3) He weighs four pounds. Four pounds!!! Holy you know what! He's measuring at the 64 percentile for weight. If I have a big baby, I just won't know what to do with him! I'll tell ya, when I heard four pounds, I immediately began praying for a c-section! :-) I was teasing Jamie saying, "Sean, go say hi to the baby." I can see Sean replying, "Mom, that ain't no baby... that's a toddler!" Jamie says this baby may outgrow Sean by two years - I said he may outgrow him by six months!!!

4) I've gained six pounds in one month. But, since last time I had lost three pounds, that puts me at a total weight gain of 13 pounds so far. So she says I'm still doing really well.

5) I did have a little protein in my urine, but she said they are seeing that a lot right now with all the colds/illnesses that are going around. It wasn't enough to be concerned, but she said to drink lots of fluids and stay away from sick people.

6) My blood pressure was up a little, but still in normal range (130/78). She said to avoid salty foods (man I hate it when that is what they say - don't they know it's all I crave???)

7) His heart rate was 142 - nice and strong!!!

So, we'll go back two weeks from today and hopefully get some more answers (sonogram, will they schedule a c-section, etc.). That's all for now - enjoy the pictures of our little sweetie (he is looking at you in all but the first picture - it is a profile shot).

Same picture, but with help! ;-)

Here he is looking at you

Same one again, but with help


Kayla Hewitt said...

Wow! That's awesome! He looks like a real little person. I have to admit, most sonograms, I'm like, "Where's the baby?" But I guess I usually just see the early ones. Glad to hear everything's good. If he makes it to his original due date, he might be 10 pounds! :) (Just kidding, I hope!)

And I would LOVE to come watch your kid(s) anytime. Seriously, if you ever need a break to get stuff done before the baby comes, or if you and Jamie just want to get out, feel free to call me. Darby and I make a pretty good babysitting team!

Heather, TJ, Brock, and Jillian said...

What a cute little booger! How cute that he already looks like his big brother in the womb! Can't wait to meet him.