Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Baby Lance's birthday will be...

Today was my 32 week check up! I can't believe I only have eight weeks left! Well, actually, less than that. Since the baby is still breech, and due to the "trauma" a certain area of my body had with Sean's delivery, the doctor wanted to go ahead and get me on the schedule for a C-section. We are the first one of the day on... MAY 1! We'll have our May Day baby! :-)

I go back for a sonogram in two weeks (April 1) where they will do a "growth check" to make sure he's not getting too big, but still growing strong and healthy. Then, two weeks after that (April 15), they'll do a quick sono to make sure that the baby hasn't flipped. If not, we'll stick to our plan of the May 1 C-section! How crazy is that?!? We could meet this little stinker in 44 days!!!

The rest of my appointment went very well - my blood pressure was 120/72 and the baby's heartbeat was 136. She is very pleased with how I'm progressing (especially now that the neuropathy is gone), so we'll sit back and wait for our next appointment! In the meantime, we're trying to spend as much quality time with Sean as we can. He's going to be the best big brother ever!!!


The Snodgrass Family said...

I like knowing the day, but I wish it weren't THAT weekend so I could be around!