Monday, November 22, 2010

Birthday celebration, take 3!

Sean was SOOOO excited when his birthday actually got here (after all, we've been celebrating for the past two weeks!) He got to open his presents from Mommy, Daddy and Nathan in the morning. Lord knows that kid doesn't need anything, but you have to have something to open on your birthday! :-)

Super excited about his Mickey flashlight

How many 4 years olds do YOU know that get super excited about new sheets??? Well, when they're Mario Kart sheets...

Sean has wanted a "big boy" backpack for awhile. This Mommy was thrilled when she found one clearanced at $3.74 (and it was a Spiderman one no less!!) So it may be half his size - who cares! He LOVES it!

Doesn't he look so old here? I had to laugh when he thought the extra straps from tightening it was a belt, and needed it tied! :-)

And... his new best friend - Mario. Yes, Mario is now a part of our family. Where we go, Mario goes! I did have to laugh when he asked where Luigi was.