Sunday, February 13, 2011

CIB Holiday Party

So every year before we venture out to my company's holiday party, I have to have the "talk" with Jamie. It usually goes something like this:

"Please don't embarrass me. Please don't say anything that might get me fired. Please keep all of your clothes on. Please remember how old you are and that break dancing / disco / crumping always make your back hurt in the morning."

Well, per usual, I found myself hiding in the corner shaking my head at disbelief a majority of the night. Mr. Lance was the only guy on the dance floor, surrounded by 6 - 8 women the entire night. Fortunately, all clothes remained on, I'm still employed, and he has gotten over his backache from attempting to "crump". :-)

On a positive note, he did win a $10 gift card to Panera for winning the hula hoop contest (see picture below)... around his neck.