Wednesday, July 8, 2009

2 month check

Today was Nathan's two month check up... this one was a hard one for Mommy and baby. SHOTS!

Just like his brother though, he screamed while he got them, but stopped the minute I picked him up! He was such a trooper, but I could tell his little (well, okay, not really little) legs were really sore at the injection site. My poor little monkey!

Other than the mean old shots, his check up was nice and routine. He is a healthy, growing boy! And the BEST news of all... his heart murmur is GONE!!!! THANK GOODNESS!!!! He is weighing in at 12.1 pounds (51%) and is 23 inches (42%). Just for comparison, Sean was 10.6 and 21.5 inches, so my chunky monkey has a little bit on him!!! :-)

Right now, both boys are sound asleep and we are hanging out with Kyle (Nick is at camp this week). Today is Rick and Elaine's 14th wedding anniversary. Congratulations Elaine and Rick!!!