Monday, August 24, 2009

Daddy's HOME!!!

Saturday we went to Indy to surprise Jamie at the airport. He'd been gone for a week in Denver to help his Aunt and Uncle build a room in their basement since Jamie's other Aunt, Kelly, is now living with them. Although he was a big help to them, we missed him terribly! But, Aunt Wendy and Uncle Wade treated him like royalty!!! We are thankful for their generosity and hospitality!

Jamie's flight was delayed about a million times which was starting to freak me out since neither of the boys had napped, but thankfully they were SUCH good boys ALL day! We hitched a ride with Mom and Dad (and Nick and Kyle) who were spending the night for Mom and Dad's 39th anniversary and a fun weekend with the boys. Thankfully, they let us hang out at the hotel until his flight arrived (which fortunately was NOT very late as they were able to get another plane).

Once we finally arrived at the airport, my heart started beating really fast - I couldn't believe how nervous I was! Nathan had fallen asleep, but Sean was eagerly waiting at the bottom of the escalator. Of course he was the LAST darn person to get off the stinkin' plane, but the look on his face when he saw us... well, it made it all worthwhile!

A nice lady at the airport offered to take our picture so you can see our "sign" (I'm just not very crafty). We are SOOOOO happy Daddy is home! We missed you!


Kayla Hewitt said...

Awww...that sign is so sweet! I'm sure you all really missed him. A week is a long time! Glad he made it back safely.