Monday, February 1, 2010

The Lance Family Vacation - 2010

Last week, we all packed up for a vacation to Colorado! We spend a little time in Colorado Springs (where Jamie's Mom, Aunt Kelly, Sister and nieces all live), Fort Collins to visit our very good friends Will, Amy, Natalie and Baby Girl Snodgrass, and then in Denver to finish the trip with Jamie's Aunt Wendy (Sean's "Winnie")and Uncle Wade. It was a whirlwind trip but SO much fun! Here are some pictures from the week...

Nathan's FIRST airplane ride (he did AMAZING... so did Sean!)

Grandma Becky and Nathan (too cool to swim!) :-)

Swimming at our hotel with our nieces (Rachel, Rebecca and Reagan)

Unfortunately, I didn't get many pictures of our time in Fort Collins where we stayed with the Snodgrasses. They were extremely gracious hosts (even making our FAVORITE lasagna!) and we miss them terribly already! Lucky for me, I get to go visit again in August after Baby girl Snodgrass makes her debut! Here is one of Sean and Natalie at dinner (isn't she just too cute?!?)

Wednesday, Aunt Wendy and Mindy (Jamie's cousin) took us to the Children's Museum. It was AMAZING! It was not busy at all (we picked the perfect time to go) and there was SO much to do for both kids. If you are ever in Denver, I highly recommend stopping to check it out! Lots of pictures below!

Nathan being too darn cute!!

Sean was fascinated with the "coin machine"... thankfully he was happy with pennies!

Mindy (Jamie's gorgeous cousin) and Mr. Nathan

Thursday, Wade, Wendy and Becky took the kiddos to this indoor water place and gave Jamie and I a chance to do some shopping! Sean really has a good time with Uncle Wade, but Nathan and Aunt Wendy had more fun splashing from what I hear!

That evening, Jamie and I met up with an old sorority sister of mine from good old SIU... we hadn't seen each other in over 10 years, so it was great to catch up! Here are Sean and Nathan hanging out at Wade and Wendy's.

Finally, our last night in Colorado we hit an old favorite - the aquarium! I still think I like this place better than anyone else in my family, but it's so stinkin' cool! It's as close to fish (sharks included) as I'll ever get!


The Snodgrass Family said...

Sean has a gangsta look in that pic with Natalie! :)

We will have to check the those places out. Looks like fun!