Monday, April 5, 2010

Happy Easter!

We had a wonderful Easter this year! First, it was Nathan's FIRST Easter - so what a reason to celebrate! But we are so blessed to know the real reason behind the day, and even more blessed to know we are saved - eternally - for the Lord's ultimate sacrifice.

We invited Grandpa Jay to come to church with us, and we so pleased that he was able to attend! Unfortunately, Mindy was home with Rachel who was still recovery from surgery. We enjoyed a lovely service and came back to our house for brunch. It was so nice to visit with Jamie's Dad and for him to get to spend a little time with the boys. Of course he didn't come empty handed! No, the Easter Bunny must have stopped by his house too!

Sunday night we headed over to Grandma and Grandpa's for "hot dogs" (okay, it was actually ham, but Sean thought it was hot dogs and ate two very large pieces... so a hot dog it was!) We had a really nice time visiting with Mom and Dad, and of course the Stones. What a fun night that was (as is every Sunday night) to have FIVE boys having fun! Of course the weather cooperated, so they all got to spend some time outside running off some energy (energy that was partially thanks to Grandma and Grandpa's Easter candy!!) :-)

Although I'm thankful EVERY DAY for my family, I really felt blessed this weekend. I hope everyone had as wonderful of a day as we did!

Having an Easter snack!


Heather, TJ, Brock, and Jillian said...

What cutie pies!!!! It's crazy how much they look alike! They could be twinkies!

Kayla Hewitt said...

Your boys are just too cute! I can't believe Nathan is almost 1. It seems like just yesterday I was going to your shower at Olive Garden.

Custard Cup would be awesome! Darby and I have already been about 7 times since it opened. :) We're a little obsessed. Just name a day, and we'll be there!

The Snodgrass Family said...

Love the pics, and LOVE Nathan in the bunny ears! The coordinating outfits are adorable!

Wendy said...

I love the Easter outfits! Sean looks absolutely handsome, and Nathan is tooo cute! Enjoy this time, it will pass too soon.