Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Living up to my childhood nickname

My Uncle Jim... I just love him to pieces! When I was little, he used to sit me on his lap in his pick up truck, and let me "drive" through the corn fields. I must say, I was quite the steering fool! ;-) While I never actually crashed, he gave me the nickname "Crash Gertrude". I still giggle every time he calls me that!

Last night on the way home from the Illinois basketball game (of which we WON), we were in a car accident. The freezing rain and falling temperatures helped form a nice sheet of ice on the roads. While approaching the intersection where we needed to turn, we began to slide... fortunately, we were able to stop JUST in time before hitting the car ahead of us. The car was starting to turn right, so there was just enough room between that car and the car in the forward lane next to us, that it allowed my car to turn about 45 degrees without hitting anything. Except...

The car that was behind us was unable to stop, and ran right into the back of my car - that started a chain reaction of about seven more cars hitting each other. Fortunately, no one was hurt. Even more so, the kids were NOT with us (I'm still so grateful to God for that!). The gentleman that hit us had his front bummer dented and partially off (the rear part of his car did not fair so well), but amazingly, my car had NO damage!

Jamie and I are doing well... a little stiff and sore today, but I think that's more from tensing up than being hit. The roads are much better this morning, although there are still some slick spots (I did see one car go in the ditch this morning). They are calling for 3-5 inches of snow tonight and into tomorrow, so who knows what the next couple of days will be like. But for now, we are all safe and sound.


Kayla said...

So sorry you got in a wreck but so glad you're ok! Icy roads are the worst.

By the way, I love your Valentine's blog design. So cute!