Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Hall of Famer

Have you ever met a baseball Hall of Famer? Me either. :-( BUT, Jamie can now say he has! A couple of months ago, Jamie's friend (owner of This is It Furniture) asked him if he would be willing to go down to St. Louis to do some work on Lou Brock's house. If you are like me, I had NO idea who that was (thank goodness for Google)! But a few clicks of the mouse later, I was in awe that Jamie was going to meet such an amazing athlete!

You see, Mike met Lou several years ago and Lou is always very gracious with autographs, helping out for charity, etc. Since he does so much for Mike, Mike wanted to return the favor. All of Lou's amazing baseball paraphernalia was kind of unorganized, so Mike went down to his house and had things framed, put in cases, and basically made a room dedicated to his legend. What I find so cool, is that non of this was Lou's idea... in fact, he is very humble (per Jamie). His WIFE, Jackie, wanted to show off all of his accomplishments - she is so proud of him!

Mike paid for the gas and material for Jamie to go down there, and Jamie basically "donated" his time. He took his good friend Steve with him for assistance, so that was nice Jamie wasn't travelling alone. They both said that Lou and his wife were SO nice, modest and just really amazing people. Mrs. Brock even insisted they stay for dinner!!! She made them fried chicken, homemade sweet potato and curly fries and sweet corn. Apparently they all just kind of stood around the kitchen talking, sharing stories, laughing and just having a good time! Mrs. Brock even asked if Jamie would be willing to come back soon and do some additional electrical work on their house! (Of COURSE he said yes!)

I just think this is such a neat experience for Jamie and am so glad his talent allowed him to do something so amazing! Plus, the stories he was told from Lou from "back in the day" are SO cool!!!

Jamie and Lou Brock

Jamie telling Lou what I'm sure is a "FANTASTIC" story ;-)

Lou and his wife (See the ceiling fan blade next to Lou? That's from a fan Jamie took down for them. He signed the fan blade and gave it to Jamie!!!)

Steve with Lou Brock


Erin said...

Oh, I cannot WAIT to show this to Nathan!!! Awesome!