Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Saying goodbye...

This last week has been really tough for me. Obviously I have known that the day would come that Sean would be leaving daycare and heading to preschool at Judah, and we could not have asked for a more incredible school. But somehow, for some reason, I was a mess. Literally, I think I cried like four times. Parents meeting - cried. Preschool screening with his AMAZING teacher - cried. Wednesday night - cried. Friday (last day at ABC) - cried. In my defense, ABC is all we have known since Sean was 10 weeks old. How is it possible that my BABY is old enough for school?

I wasn't worried about Sean - he is an AMAZING boy who is so laid back and so loving. I knew he would love his teachers, make some fantastic friends, and learn so much. No, it wasn't him I was worried about - it was me. I do not like change. And my baby growing up - going to the school he will attend until he leaves for college... it's almost too much for me.

But I made it through. Sean made it through. And we are now moving on to the next exciting chapter in his precious life. I still get teary every now and then, but I'm SO proud of my little man and the awesome kid he is becoming. Afterall, he'll always be my baby. ;-)

Here are a few snapshots of some of his friends from ABC:

Sean and some of his wonderful, loving teachers


Erin said...

Oh, Jenn, you captured this milestone beautifully!