Thursday, September 11, 2008

Colorado Vacation

Over Labor Day, we went to Colorado to visit Jamie's family. We had a wonderful visit, but way too short! We spent the first couple of days in Colorado Springs where Jamie's Mom, sister and nieces live, and then the last day in Denver where Jamie's Aunt, Uncle and cousin live.

That Saturday we went to this place called "The North Pole". It was a neat place for younger kids with rides, animals and all kinds of Christmas stuff! Sean was a little to young for it, but I think he still had a great time! Here are a few pictures from "The North Pole":

Here is a picture of Jamie's nieces Rebecca and Reagan:

Here is Sean on some of the rides... he looks so little! :-)

His FAVORITE part of the day was getting to feed the goats. Once we feed them all the feed we purchased, he started picking up what other people had dropped off of the ground. I'm telling you, he LOVES his animals! I really think that he liked this so much since we call Scooby our goat! :-)

Before heading to Denver on Sunday, we stopped at Garden of the Gods to do a little sightseeing. It was SO beautiful... I don't think I've EVER seen such a blue sky!

This is a picture of the "Kissing Camels"... can you see them???

Sunday night, Jamie's Aunt Wendy and Uncle Wade took us to this incredible place for dinner. It was a former aquarium that didn't make it, so it was turned into a restaurant. Wendy reserved us a table right by the 180,000 gallon tank, so we literally had fish swimming up to our table. It was SO cool... I honestly don't know who enjoyed it more, me or Sean! :-) There were even a couple of scuba divers that got in a swam with the fish. They would come up to the side of the tank and wave... one of them was even playing rock/paper/scissors with this kid by our table. They were great!

Here is a few pictures outside of the aquarium. The first one is of Jamie's Aunt Wendy, Uncle Wade, cousin Mindy, and of course Sean and the giant shark Sean conned Jamie into buying!!! The second one is of Sean with Grandma Becky, and the last picture is Jamie, Sean and Uncle Wade. Sean LOVED his Uncle Wade!!!


The Snodgrass Family said...

You got some really cute pictures! I love the ones of Sean feeding the goats, and the one of Sean sitting on the rock. What beautiful scenery!

Heather said...

Love the new background!!! Bring on fall. Great photos. Looks like everyone had a great time. I love the ones of Jamie smashed into the rides with Sean!

Heather & T.J. said...

What a FUN vacation! Jamie in the ride with Sean...hilarious. What a photogenic boy you have! That restaurant looked sweet. :)

Kel aka The Mommy said...

Looks like you guys had a great weekend! Sean seemed to really enjoy it! Love the scenery. Beautiful!