Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Fall Festival

This past Sunday was our church's annual Fall Festival. Normally, people decorate the trunks of their car and the kids go from trunk to trunk treat-or-treating. BUT, since we had our very own mini-hurricane like winds, it moved inside the church. It was still a great time and Sean got to do his first official trick or treating! Here is our little monkey:

This is Sean's buddy Brock - that's one cool lookin' pirate if you ask me!

I'm not sure who was more excited about the candy, Sean or Jamie!

Miss Johnetta had an ILLINI theme and even had this gorilla that danced to the ILLINI fight song. Sean was mesmerized! I wasn't sure if it was the song, or the fact that it looked like him in his halloween costume! :-)

Dustin and Aubrey were in charge of bobbing for apples. What you don't see in this blog are pictures of Jamie being the first to bob... Sean, however, wasn't about to stick his head in there. In fact, he wasn't sure about it at first, but eventually he and his buddy Brock figured, "hey, we can just grab one!"

After the apples we moved on to the cakewalk. We only played twice before we one! Check out that cake!!! YUMMMM!

Finally, the night wrapped up with balloons! Of course Sean had a "light saber", and Mr Patriotic Dustin had his red, white and blue "hat"!


Christina said...

What a cute monkey!

Heather & T.J. said...

I must agree, that is one cool lookin' pirate! But, I love that precious little monkey about to bob for an apple! That was too cute!