Monday, October 27, 2008

Latest Baby Lance checkup

Today was my 12 week OB appointment - 12 weeks! Where does the time go! Everything looks really good, of which of course we're thrilled about (blood pressure, blood sugar, etc.) At first they couldn't find Baby Lance's heartbeat, and even though they tell you not to worry, that can be normal, I would challenge you to find a mommy-to-be who wouldn't worry. Fortunately, they brought in the portable sono machine! :-) Baby's heartbeat was 122... normal, but LOW, so of course now I'm thinking boy.

Dr. Dillard laughed at me when I said that... she said, "Oh my gosh, you know that is an old wives tale and has no truth, right?" I know it is, but we'll see! She said if they checked it again right now it could be in the 150's! Guess we'll have to wait! My sonogram will be the week before Christmas, so we'll see who is right. According to almost all of my friends, it's a girl (based on my pregnancy symptoms), but if you believe the heart rate thing, it's a boy... What do YOU think???? Take our poll to the right!