Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Sean's first Speech Therapy appointment

Today we met with Anna, Sean's new Speech Therapist. First, let me tell you how much I love her! She was SO nice and SO good with Sean. I know what some of you are thinking... it's their job to be good with kids, but we all know that is not always the case. She was so sweet in her tone and so kind in talking with Sean, he warmed to her instantly - what a relief on my end. They played and she observed and asked me a lot of questions.

At the end of our session, she said she was impressed at how well Sean did some things and at how advanced he was for his age in some areas. She said he is a excellent listener and followed directions extremely well. And, just like Dr. Striegel told us, Anna said he is on the brink of talking up a storm! She does think that therapy would benefit him in the continual building of sentences.

There is a waiting period to get in to therapy, so we now have to wait for an appointment (which is anywhere from one week to one month). We are willing to wait if we can get that 8:00 a.m. spot with Anna. It took me over a half an hour to get from work, to daycare, then to therapy! If you think Champaign-Urbana is not big, think again!

As we were leaving, she said that we have a very sweet natured little boy. She said she could tell he was very loving and that he is very loved. Of course WE think so, but what Mommy doesn't love to hear that about her child! :-) Overall, it was a very positive experience, and for that, I am VERY grateful!


Heather & T.J. said...

I think his first sentence is going to be I want to go play with Brock....just a thought. :) Then when you have your little girl she's going to want to come play with Jillian.