Monday, December 29, 2008

Scooby's biggest fear

For those of you who have seen Sean's room, you know there is a "life size" giraffe that goes with his safari theme. What you may not know, is Scooby (also referred to with many other not-so-nice names) is deathly afraid of this stuffed animal. Now mind you, this is also the dog who is afraid of his own shadow and balloons, but also prefers ice cubes over dog treats. I'm telling you, he's not all there. Anyway, Sean has just starting really having fun with the giraffe, and we think it's great! Here are a couple of pictures of him hugging/playing/attacking/jumping on/climbing on and falling off of (with Daddy there to catch of course) his giraffe.

Here is a cute video of Sean "riding" the giraffe and falling right into Daddy!