Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Sean and Frosty

So Sean has this obsession with Frosty the Snowman. For this, I blame Mom and Dad... they have this Sean size Frosty that sings and dances (all with the push of a button - lucky us!). I guess I shouldn't complain - it's a nice break from Mickey!!!Well, all we have is a snowman stuffed animal, but look out - if there is a snowman in sight (on the kitchen towel, in a snowglobe, on a placemat, in someone's yard) Sean will point it out. Needless to say, he is in LOVE with his stuffed snowman. He even shares his M-n-M's with him... what a thoughtful little boy! :-)


Heather, TJ, Brock, and Jillian said...

What a cutie pie?!? Love the jammies!

Valerie said...

He is so adorable!!