Monday, June 21, 2010

Spaghetti Night!

One of our favorite nights (or at least one of the boys favorite nights) is SPAGHETTI NIGHT. This night is followed up the next day with LAUNDRY NIGHT for Mommy... not one of my favorites, but, as you can see by the pictures below - worth...every...minute!!! I have learned to strip Sean down as much as possible. This was the first time Nathan really got into it. One week later and I'm still stain treating his outfit, I have learned that he too will be stripped next time! :-)

I SWEAR we feed our child...

Sean was having his second helping and while he was blowing his "spaghetti's" to cool them off, Nathan found it very amusing! You'll hear Sean keep saying, "Let me see it!"... he thought I was taking pictures rather than video, and he likes to see himself in the photos. Gee, wonder where he gets that! ;-) WARNING: Watching this video and hearing Nathan laughing may result in sudden outburst of laughter from viewer.


Heather, TJ, Brock, and Jillian said...

What happy, cute little eaters! I hate washing clothes after spaghetti day, too!