Thursday, March 17, 2011

Missouri Valley Conference - 2011

The first weekend in March, Jamie and I headed down to St. Louis to attend the Missouri Valley Conference basketball tournament with our dear friend Ryan and Jodi. You may remember that we went with them last year, and just love the memories we made. Needless to say, we were so pumped to head down that way again for some time with friends, great food, lots of drinks... and of course... basketball! Our beloved SIU was oh so lucky (please note the sarcasm) to get the Thursday night game again this year. I'm confident I will see them play in a Friday game at least once before I die! LOL! Our seats were awesome, but we were sad that our dear old friend, "Weird Old Lady" and her "I live in my Mom's basement" son were nowhere to be seen. Regardless, the four of us had an amazing time and even got to catch up with a few other friends from our SIU days. SIU did win their first game, but heartbreakingly lost their second game to Missouri State in the last 1.6 seconds. It was such a disappointment. Even the MSU fans thought we should have won. Sigh... there's always next year!

The view from our seats

An impressive turnout of Shockers fans

The Saluki mascot (now with no teeth... apparently the teeth were scaring little kids. Seriously??? Still kind of freaky looking to me.)

The fab four

And no trip to St. Louis would be complete without a trip to Pappy's Smokehouse! We were introduced to this heaven on earth place thanks to the T.V. show Man vs. Food. It was WELL worth the 45 minute wait. Feast your eyes on this feast... go ahead, be jealous! The best part... Ryan's Rhythm and Blues themed love song to his ribs. Priceless!


Keeping up with the Jones' said...

LOVE IT! And the ribs..mmm mmmm