Thursday, April 7, 2011

Step 1

After several hours of research, talking with Sean's pediatrician, and some prayer, Jamie and I decided to proceed with testing to see if Sean does, in fact, have Celiac Disease. There were some things from his appointment Monday that just weren't sitting well with us. Malnourished, vitamin deficient, decreasing iron, concern with his constant complaining of a tummy ache (of which I'm still not 100% convinced isn't partially an excuse to not have to do something... eat, go potty, go to sleep!) etc. I think at first we were so happy to hear the news that Sean's growth made great progress, that it didn't really set in on what else the doctor was saying.

Once I thought more about it, I kind of felt like I had been kicked in the stomach. All this time, we have been SO focused on Sean's height - GROW BABY GROW! - that we may have failed to notice other things. I felt terrible. What kind of Mom am I that I may not have seen these signs and symptoms? Enter good solid cry.

After the cry, my Mommy-mode set in. I knew we had to find answers and that's what we are going to do. I contacted Sean's local pediatrician and set up an appointment to have the lab work done. We are going to test his vitamin levels, iron, other important levels, but most importantly, for Celiac Disease. Is it life threatening? No. Will he be able to enjoy a great life? Yes. Does the thought of it scare the hell out of me? MOST DEFINITELY. If you know me well at all, you will know patience is not a virtue I posses. But strangely enough I feel very calm right now. It is out of my hands. My daily devotion the other day was about how when we feel the most out of control, unsure of what path is coming, stop. Remember that God has already chosen the path for us, and we're just waiting to find out which one it is. That has brought me an insane amount of comfort! Why it's taken me almost 35 years to figure that out... ;-)

So today I took Sean in to have the blood work done. He was A-M-A-Z-I-N-G! Sadly, I think he's used to being poked and prodded, and he loves going to the doctor. Hmm, maybe it's because there is usually suckers and a trip to Sonic afterwards??? Regardless, he didn't even flinch, cry, nothing. Love that boy. On Friday, April 22nd, we will go back to meet with his doctor for the results. Until then, we wait and pray!

Since my Father was recently diagnosed with diabetes, I'm beginning to wonder if Sean is just trying to be like his Grandpa (changed diet)!!?? What a booger.