Monday, October 17, 2011

Updates - October

I must say, I've become bad about keeping the blog up to date! Let's just say The Lance's busy season has begun!

Although we are LOVING Judah, I do miss some things about Sean's class at ABC. The teacher in his class there, Ms. Alicia, planned an "ABC Reunion" for all the 2011 "Graduates" (those who moved on to Kindergarten this fall... and Sean.) Since Sean is the same age as the others that left, and also moved on to a new school, he was included in the reunion. We all met at a local park where the kiddos got to play, and the parents got to catch up. Ms. Alicia had drinks and snacks for everyone, and had all the kids talk about their new schools/classes and what they are doing now. It was SO neat! I just love that she truly cares so much about the kids. Here is a picture of the "Graduates". (Note: Sean is upset because we told him we had to leave after the picture.) :-)

September ended and October began with a house full of sickies! It started with me and then moved on to Sean. One morning, he literally woke up and just wasn't acting like himself. Then, the barking cough set in... yep, croup. We managed to last about four days before Nathan's bark set in... croup #2. It was a LONG two and a half weeks, but I think every one is finally on the mend. Nathan still has a lingering cough, but NOTHING like it was.

Here is a picture of Sean feeling his worst. (So sad isn't it?)

The boys are on the mend (can't you tell???) :-)

Two weekends ago, while Nathan was still working on feeling better, Sean and I went to the Pet Fair Extravaganza at Prairieland Feeds in Savoy. Although there wasn't a ton to do, it was a free event and provided a nice little outing for us! We got to see a tiger, lots of exotic birds, feed some goats (and a camel) and ride the horses. Please excuse the quality of the pictures - they are from my phone.

This past weekend was super busy, but SUPER fun! Jamie has really been enjoying his birthday present from me and the boys - Season Illinois Hockey tickets! Although they aren't having the best year, he has a great time at the games. Friday, Jamie and his friend, Joe, took our youngest nephew, Kyle, to one of the games. My brother-in-law knows the coach and was able to get Kyle in to meet a few of the players beforehand. They even gave him a signed hockey stick! He also caught TWO pucks during practice! He had a BLAST watching the game with Uncle Jamie... it was a pretty amazing memory for Jamie too! ;-) I had a pretty fun evening too! Joe's wife (Amy - a great friend of mine) and their boys (Will and Jack) hung out with me and the boys. It was a fun evening of watching them run around like crazies! I love it when we get them together to play. :-)

This past weekend, my work hosted a family day at Curtis Orchard. Unfortunately, these type of events tend to fall right at Nathan's nap time, so he wasn't able to join in on the fun. Jamie was kind enough to stay home with him (I'm thinking there was a nap in there for him too!), so that I could attend with Sean. We had such a fun time playing on the playground, bouncing in the bounce house/maze, riding the ponies, going on a tractor ride, etc. He didn't want to leave but Mommy was BEAT! I didn't get many pictures, but here are a couple of him on the pony.

The weekend was capped off by my friend Melissa's Thirty-one party! It was a GREAT party and we had a really nice time. While I was away doing that, Jamie and the boys raked all the leaves in a big pile and played in them for about an hour. Sean has been begging to do this since last Fall, but the leaves are finally perfect for doing just that. I think we'll be outdoors a lot the next few nights! I have the CUTEST video of them I'll have to post later. :-)

That's it for now! Until the next post...