Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Halloween 2011

This Halloween was SO much fun! We decided to meet up with my nephews, Nick and Kyle, again this year, and Trick-or-Treat in my parents neighborhood. It's nice that they can see the boys and that they can all be together.

Nathan really, really got into it (which was super cute) and just melted everyones heart when he would say "Happy Halloween" (or what sounded something like that) in that sweet little voice! Sean had a ball as well, but really didn't care too much about the candy... he just wanted to ring the doorbells!

"Handy Sean"

My sweet puppy (or lamb as everyone called him... ugh!)

Nathan making friends with the real puppy

I just loved how his little tail wagged when he would walk! SO cute!

Nathan was fascinated with this skull that would repeat back to you whatever you said. He kept yelling "BOO" at it, and saying "Happy Halloween". I thought it might freak him out a bit, considering how loud it was, but it didn't seem to bother him at all! I think he would have stayed at that house all night if we would have let him!

My nephew Kyle... aka, the red M-n-M!


Kayla said...

So cute! And since Sean's not into candy, does that mean you get to eat his? Score! :)