Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Sean - 5 year check up

I promise I'll post pictures from Sean's birthday soon... I have to share all the fun stuff from my FIVE YEAR OLD's party! In the meantime, let me tell you about his five year old check up...

Let me start by saying he is as healthy, and for that, we are truly grateful!!! His pediatrician was very pleased with his growth, although she does want us to continue to see Dr. Green (his pediatric endocrinologist). We only see her once a year, and won't see her again until April. Despite the fact that Sean had to get three immunizations, the visit was pretty uneventful! Here are the five year old stats:

Height: 39 1/2 inches (3.26 percentile)
Weight: 29.6 pounds (0.13 percentile)

Just for comparison, here were his stats from the last couple of years:

4 year stats
Height: 36 3/4 inches (1.51 percentile)
Weight: 26.6 pounds (0.16 percentile)

3 year stats
Height: 34 1/8 inches (0.96 percentile)
Weighed 25.2 pounds (1.54 percentile)

So, he's still not gaining a lot of weight (only three pounds in one year, yet a big improvement from his third year to fourth year), but he's grown almost three inches - IN ONE YEAR! WAHOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!! Although he hasn't grown much since April, he is growing. In regards to the weight, now that the weather is getting colder and we can't be outside as much, I'm sure he'll pack on a little "winter weight"... yeah, that's my excuse too. ;-)

Birthday pictures coming soon!!!!


Erin said...

Praise God for healthy, happy boys!!!