Thursday, February 2, 2012

Christmas programs

Sean's Pre-school Christmas program at school was just beyond amazing. I cannot believe how well all the little kiddos did! There were three classes who each performed two songs, and then they all got together at the end to sing a couple of songs together. There is nothing that warms a Mother's heart more than watching her child sing about their love for Christ and really, really getting into it! I was SO proud of Sean and the amazing job he did! I was so grateful that my parents, sister and nephews came to support him too!

This isn't the greatest picture (it was taken on my phone), but he is on the end of the second row in a red vest. :-)

Nathan's class doesn't really have a program, but they did get in the Christmas spirit!! Their classroom was decked out for the holidays, and each day they did some fun Christmas-y activity! His teacher, Marcella, (LOVE HER) is so good about sending me texts/pictures of Nathan. Here is one she sent with some of the kids in their Christmas gear. Doesn't Nathan looked thrilled? ;-)