Thursday, February 2, 2012

Randomness / Update

Since Christmas, things have not slowed down for us at all. This week, I enrolled Sean in KINDERGARTEN (yikes!) and Nathan in 3 year-old Pre-school at Judah! I'm not sure how this is possible that my kids are this old, but here we are! Surprisingly, I'm doing really well with it. I think the fact that both my kids will be at the same place (which means ONE place for drop off and pick up) is definitely helping. ;-)

Sean is doing really, really well in Pre-school. He LOVES his teachers (so do we!) and has so many great friends. His speech is developing nicely and he can now say "S" very well. He still my little snuggle bug, and loves reading, puzzles, and of course, his Nintendo DS / iPad. He keeps busy with church, and loves that there are so many kids from his school in his class. I'm pretty sure the fact that they get to play at the indoor playground at church on Wednesday nights doesn't hurt. He is a wonderful big brother, is developing such a great heart, and is so loving. This week, he said his very first prayer out loud. I was one proud Mama! "Dear Lord, thank you for my toys. In Jesus name, Amen." We're getting there. ;-) Here are a few random pictures from the last month of my sweet Sean.

Nathan has REALLY changed a lot over the past couple of months. He is talking up a storm, asks if we are going to church or "Papa's house" every time we get in the car, is sleeping in his full-size bed like a champ, got rid of the pacifier, and... wait for it... WENT PEE IN THE POTTY! I know those of you reading who don't have kids don't understand the excitement in this, but let me tell you, imagine winning the lottery. Same feeling. We have been struggling with getting him to even sit on the potty (full clothed even) at school. He will scream. And by scream, I mean top-of-his-lungs, like he is starring in a horror movie, scream. However, this week, he ASKED his teacher if he could sit on the potty! He was still fully clothed, but this was a HUGE step! Tuesday, he sat on it without his diaper on, and today, yes my friends, today I just got word that he pee'd on the potty! I can hardly wait to go pick him up and love on him! I'm just so proud! We haven't been worried about it since he's only 2 1/2, but he has to be potty trained (or housebroken as Jamie likes to call it) before he is allowed to attend Judah, so we've had it in the back of our minds that we only have a few more months. Other than this excitement, he continues to be our sweet, silly boy. You could just eat him with a spoon! (Well, most days.)