Friday, August 10, 2012

May happenings...

May was a wonderfully, crazy busy month in the Lance household. The month always starts off with a celebration - Nathan's birthday! My baby is three. THREE. How on earth is that possible? Since he is SO into farm animals (especially cows), we did a farm animal themed birthday party. And in true "Jenn-fashion", the celebrations went on much past the 1st. :-)

Here is a picture of his invitation, along with the goodie "bag" the kids got to take home from the party (included either a stuffed pig, cow, or duck, farm animal stickers, animal crackers, and a red bandana).

My Birthday Boy (shirt made by my friend Janay... isn't she amazing??). Shoes found on Etsy.

Once we got past Nathan's birthday, it was time to wrap up Sean's first year at Judah! Hard to believe just how quickly pre-school went. And since I'm just updating this in August, I will let you know that he starts Kindergarten in FOUR DAYS! Oy vey.

Sean had a great first year, and I am SO very sad to be leaving his teachers. But I know that God has in store for him more amazing opportunities, and more amazing teachers. Unfortunately, Sean's two best friends (Finn and Ryker) will not be with him at Judah next year. The good news is, we get to see Ryker at church, and we are friends with Finn's parents. :-)

Best buddies (Sean, Ryker, and Finn) on the last day of school

The middle of the month brough some crazy weather. In fact, we had one day where the tornadoes got a *little* too close for my comfort. This picture was taken near the airport.

And this is right in front of our doctor's office, on Curtis Road.

The end of the month brought more family time, as we celebrated our nephew, Kyle's, birthday. I cannot believe my baby nephew is now officially in the double digits! The sad part is, he doesn't like Aunt Jenny kisses like he used to. Sniff, sniff. We also spend Memorial Day at my parents pool since it was about 105 degrees, with a heat index of 1,000,000 (okay, that may be a slight exaggeration, but barely). Sean is completely fearless when it comes to the pool, and would swim all day, every day if we would let him. Nathan is hit or miss as to whether he likes the pool or not. Fortunately, that day was a hit. Check out my big boy!

And what better thing to do on Memorial Day, than have a Thanksgiving dinner, complete with a fried turkey and all!