Friday, November 30, 2012

November... we're getting there!

My husband is a good cook. Really good cook. And his chili? Well, it's award winning you know. Some of our friends host Monday night football gatherings each year, and once a year, will also add in a chili cook off! Last year, Jamie won first place with his chili (which he had never made before that night). I would just like to add that I found the recipe, but then he tweaked it to make it his own. Just sayin'. Anyway, this year, Jamie came in third out of twenty entries (please don't ask him about it - he was NOOOOOT happy, LOL!), which was still pretty awesome! Here is my award winner proudly displaying his trophy. :-)

November also brought the start of basketball for Sean, which he has been wanting to do for over one year. I must say, he really surprised me with how good he was at it, but much like soccer, he's not the kid that likes to "get in there and steal the ball". I'm beginning to think he might be more of an individual sport kind of kiddo (swimming, gymnastics), for now anyway. He did enjoy basketball, but was glad when the four week course was over. Here he is practing some drills. Please excuse the blurry images... it was hard to get a good shot!

One of my best friend's from college (and sorority sister, Jodi), asked if we would like to get tickets to the Polar Express with them, which was in Monticello. Although we've never watched the movie or read the book (I know, I know...), I thought this would be SO much fun! They encouraged everyone to wear their jammies, and join the fun on the hour long ride. They read the story to us, served hot chocolate and cookies, and had singing, dancing, and games. It was really fun, and a neat memory to share with the Jones.

Our attempt at a family picture. That didn't happen.

Getting sleepy...

Thanksgiving was a lot of fun this year, as my extended family got to celebrate with us. My Aunt and Uncle, Cousin Sherri (and Tom), their kids Justin (minus his beautiful wife Emily) and Melissa (and Dwayne), and of course my sister and her family. It was a typical Thanksgiving of entirely too much food, a good nap, and lots of good football. But the best - well, see for yourself.

My sister and her beautiful family


The Snodgrass Family said...

I am thinking you should share this prize winner with me!! I am all the way in CO, and I won't share his secrets!