Monday, January 12, 2009

23 week OB check / Sean's tonsils / Speech

Today was my 23 week check up and things are going great! I've gained a total of 10 pounds, which is great since I'm over half way through my pregnancy! Honestly, the way I eat, I'm surprised it wasn't more! :-) My blood pressure is still doing great (134/62) and was even a little lower than previous visits. Since they are watching that very closely due to complications from my pregnancy with Sean, they are super pleased! Today was the first day they were able to find the baby's heartbeat instantly and without the portable u/s machine. His heartbeat is the highest it's been at 153 - nice and strong!

The nurse practitioner said everything looks great, so my next appointment will be my 28 week check. This is the icky one - more blood work, glucose test (evil) again, etc. But, I can handle it! :-)

Onward to Sean... today we met with his pediatrician to have his tonsils checked. Since Jamie had the same thing as a child (but didn't get his removed until he was 20), she said that was a pretty good indication that Sean's probably would not decrease in size. Usually they wait until they are over 11 (if the child is not having chronic infections) to see if they decrease. But, since there is a family history and it may be impacting his speech, she is referring us to ENT. We will meet with that doctor on January 29th. Of course we don't want him to have surgery (honestly, the thought of it brings me to tears), but if it will help his sleeping, breathing, talking, eating, etc., I think we have to proceed.

In the meantime, we are in the process of trying to get Sean's speech therapy covered by insurance (LONG story), so that is on hold. I'm praying that all will work out - either through the state or through our insurance - so that he can get the help he needs. At $210 a visit (and he was going once a week) for 6 - 8 months, we HAVE to get this covered. We appreciate any prayers for him! :-)


WifeInLaw said...

Yay for good health for Nathan! I hope if Sean has to have the surgery that he is distracted from the whole thing by the yummy ice cream diet!

Heather, TJ, Brock, and Jillian said...

Oh WOW! $210!!! I'm in the wrong profession! :) Glad to hear everything with sweet baby boy is going great! It won't be long till he's here!