Thursday, January 29, 2009

Sean's surgery

We just got back from Sean's ENT appointment. He was SO good, bless his heart. He loved sitting in the exam chair - no clue why, but it did go up and down! ;-) The doctor (Dr. Lipps) was very, very nice (he came recommended by my sister and a co-worker) and was great with Sean. We explained our concerns and he went to take a look. When he grabbed the tongue depressor, Sean was "talking" and he happened to see his tonsils - even without holding down his tongue. The next thing out of the doctor's mouth was, "Wow! Well, I'll go get Brenda (the nurse) and we'll get him on the operating schedule!"

Dr. Lipps said that he really does need this done and that it will help him SO much. He said he would eat better, breathe better, sleep better and definitely talk better. All the same things we heard from Sean's pediatrician and speech therapist. I was shocked that there was no "pleading" on our end or convincing that this would help Sean, which makes me feel better in our decision - he must really need it. For a brief moment I was mad at myself thinking why did we wait so long to get him in, but apparently they don't do the surgery before the child is 2 years old, so we couldn't have done it sooner anyway.

He will meet with a speech pathologist at 2:45 on February 10 to make sure that the surgery won't impact his speech (standard procedure), and then with the doctor at 3:15 for his pre-op visit. His surgery is scheduled for Friday, February 13 (at Provena) and he will probably be home about one week. We won't know the time of the surgery until the day of our pre-op, but the order of surgeries is based on age, so he should be one of the first (since the patient can't eat after midnight). I'd be lying if I said Jamie and I aren't nervous as heck, but we do think this is what's best for Sean.

Anyway, if you would please keep Sean in your prayers, and maybe Mommy and Daddy too, we'd greatly appreciate it! Thanks!