Tuesday, January 27, 2009


My little baby is not a little baby anymore. :-( Monday he was officially moved to the two year old class room. TWO YEAR OLD! No more Infant I, Infant II, Toddler. Why am I so sad about that?

His new room (of which I also very much like his new teacher) is very different. They eat a little later, nap a little later (although come to find out, Sean wasn't napping until a little later in the Toddler room, so there is no change for him there), work on using a cup - WITH NO LID - (yeah, I had to laugh at the teacher on that one... good luck was all I could muster up), and... POTTY TRAINING! Of course they don't force it on the children, just practice when they are ready.

By now you are probably wondering the title of the post. Well, yesterday, SEAN WENT PEE ON THE POTTY! Yes, I am officially one of those parents who is telling people, with excitement, that her child pee'd on the potty! Apparently if it is diaper changing time and the kiddo is dry, they take them to the little, itty-bitty potty and have them try... and HE DID IT! I'm so proud but so sad all at the same time. Where did my baby go? Is he gone forever? I know he'll always be my "baby", but for some reason it's just hitting me hard today. When you ask him where Mommy's baby is (referring to the actual baby in my "belly"), he smiles and points to himself. Well, at least HE knows he'll always be my baby! :-)


The Snodgrass Family said...

Oh how super exciting! I am so proud of Sean! Do you have the potty chair out yet? They say when they wake up dry, that is when to start potty training.

Heather, TJ, Brock, and Jillian said...

That is AWESOME!!! Way to go Sean!!!