Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Happy Birthday Sean!! - Part 1

Friday, my little man turned THREE years old! Seriously, how did I become the mother of a three year old!?! I must admit, I was a little weepy that day thinking about how much he's grown, and reminiscing about his arrival in our world. Little did we know that this precious miracle that would be Sean, would be the love of our lives!!!

His birthday festivities lasted for three days (he is my child after all). Thursday, my family came over for a pre-celebration. Grandpa couldn't join us this weekend since he was very sick, so I promised him we would post lots of pictures. So my apologies for the overload of cuteness you are about to see!

Sean really got into his birthday this year. He talked a lot about "birthday cake", LOVED having "Happy Birthday" sung to him (we even had to do it again last night when we had cupcakes), and had his first real party with his friends from school. He will proudly tell you he is THREE and that he had a Thomas the Train party with his friends!

We started off Thursday celebrating with the Caspers/Stone side of the family. We ordered pizza and had a Thomas cake! It was SO fun, but we missed Papa!

Opening presents time!

Sean's really cool Thomas cake:

Sean explaining how old he is... and what he's eating: