Tuesday, September 1, 2009

4 months old!

Seriously, how is this possible??? My baby is four months old! Here's what all he's doing these days:

*Rolls from back to belly almost every time (prefers his belly, just like his brother!)
*Sitting up supported
*Hanging in the Bumbo more and more
*Will sit in the exersaucer for about five minutes
*Is now getting two bottles with rice cereal in it to help with his acid reflux (also know as massive puking). LOVES it!
*Sleeps really well - gets up one to two times throughout the night
*Smiles CONSTANTLY, and mostly for his big brother!
*Will carry on a "conversation" with you
*Loves bathtime
*Belly laughs
*Seriously needs a haircut
*Goes through about six outfits a day (and usually Mommy and Daddy get a couple of changes in there too!) thanks to the puking.

That's just a few of the highlights... he really is an amazing baby! God has truly blessed our family! His official 4 month check up is on the 9th, so I'll have more to post then. For now, enjoy these photos from today! Look how much he's changed! (Oh, and yes, there are two different outfits for the "photo shoot"... hence the massive puking.) *Sigh*... he's lucky he's so cute! :-)