Monday, September 28, 2009

All aboard!

This weekend, Grandma and Grandpa took all of us to Chicago for the night. We got to ride the train (which was definitely the way to go) of which Sean talked about non-stop three weeks prior. He was in complete aw the entire time and was such a good boy (both boys were excellent)! We even got comments on the way there and on the way home of how well behaved they were! We were very proud! We didn't do much while in Chicago, which is part of what made the trip so much fun!

Here are some of the pictures from the weekend... Waiting for the train to arrive:

On the train:

The excitement was too much for Nathan to handle!

Some of the nice things about traveling by train: 1) MUCH more legroom than an airplane, 2) bigger bathrooms, 3) you can get up and move around more freely, 4) SNACK CAR!!! Here are Jamie and Sean coming back with snacks:

Sean telling me all about the train ride:

Out to dinner in Chicago:

Having lunch on Sunday before heading home (guess what Grandma and Sean were playing... yep, choo-choo's):

Waiting for the train/heading home:

Getting sleepy...

...and we're out...

Nathan is ready to be home - he's sleepy too (yes, I know, he needs a haircut)!

Elaine posing with Kathy (aka chatty Kathy - the lady who would NOT shut up...ever. Seriously, I had no idea a person could talk...that...much.)


Heather said...

Looks like a fun trip! I always forget about taking the train.