Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Lincoln Balloon fest

I've really tried to keep us active this summer and try new and different things around central Illinois. One thing I thought Sean would really like is the hot air balloon fest in Lincoln. We packed up the car last Saturday and headed over (which for the record, stick with a good 'ole map and forget mapquest!). We ended meeting up with a former sorority sister of mine and her family (I haven't seen her in almost 11 years!)... that was by far the best part! They have a daughter who really took to Sean (they were so funny together) and a son who is one month younger than Sean.

Sean loved the balloons (they were "eh"...), and Nathan just took everything in and smiled the whole time! The weather was almost perfect(almost too cool if you can believe it) but it was a little windy, so there weren't many balloons that were able to go up, but it was still a neat experience!